Friday, September 17, 2010


I know I promised menu's a few posts back but was distracted by Super Double Coupons.  So here is what our menu this week and next week look like.

Monday (9/13)- White chicken pizza with field peas
Tuesday(9/14)- Chicken burritos
Wednesday (9/15)- Rotisserie pork loin, mac and cheese, corn, green beans
Thursday (9/16)- Grilled tilapia, herb and butter mashed potato's and salad
Friday (9/17)- Rotisserie Chicken, roasted red potato's and carrots
Saturday (9/18)- Leftovers
Sunday (9/19)- Chicken Alfredo using leftover chicken, leftover Alfredo from the white pizza and broccoli
Monday (9/20)- Spicy Shrimp with rice, broccoli and carrots
Tuesday (9/21)- Salad night using leftover meats
Wednesday (9/22)- Not sure cause it's my birthday and I don't want to cook if I don't have to
Thursday (9/23)- Sandwich's with chips and fruit
Friday (9/24)- Chicken nuggets, fries and fruit

OK so that is as far as I've gotten.  We do eat a LOT of chicken but we like chicken.  The way that I menu plan is based on what we have and what's on sale.  Everything planned out so far we have on hand.  The menu is not set in stone either.  Some nights switch around depending on how late the hubby gets home and which meal is faster.I write my menu's out on a calendar, which I got for free, and if we eat the meal it gets checked off and if not then I move it down to a day that I haven't planned for yet. 

I also try to plan using leftovers that I know we will have on hand.  For instance, we are having rotisserie chicken tonight.  We will get tonight's meal and have quite a few leftovers.  Some of the leftovers will be paired with the extra sauce I made earlier in the week for chicken Alfredo and the rest will be sliced for sandwich's and to top salads.  Whenever we use a whole chicken we intend for it to be sliced into lunch meat.  It saves us the cost of purchasing lunch meat and tastes much better.  We also do this with beef roasts.  Another thing we noticed was that we always had wings and legs left.  We prefer to eat white meat, there's nothing wrong with dark meat it's just our preference.  So, it hit me last time we put a chicken in the rotisserie.  Why don't we just go ahead and eat the legs and wings initially with a little white meat.  They won't go to waste and taste so much better fresh.  It also leaves much more of the white meat breast that we love as leftovers that will get eaten.  This way keeps us from wasting food.  To me, food wasted is money wasted.  The less food we throw out is more money in our pockets to be used for other things.  So if that means that we eat a lot of chicken and only buy beef and seafood on sale that's fine by me.   

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