Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soup and Chex Mix Galore!

Between the sale on soup at Harris Teeter and Walgreen's this past week, as well as Chex Mix we are VERY well stocked. 

Walgreen's 9/18/10
(4) Progresso Soup (2.37+ 2.71 + 2.37+ 2.39) = 9.84 -5.60 (Store coupon)= 4.24
2 coupons for $.50 off = $3.24
() Packages Chex Mix @ $.84 each (Sale and employee discount)= $5.04
6 coupons for $.50 off = $2.04

$.19 Sales Tax
Total= $5.47!!

Based on the total paid for each type of item that worked out to $.81 per can of Progresso soup and $.34 per bag of Chex Mix.  We stocked up on both using what coupons we had and now have a nice little stock of soup for the upcoming cold months and some yummy but inexpensive snacks.

I sent the hubby off with more coupons today after seeing the new sales ad and should have another Walgreen's post coming tomorrow.  We have started a small stockpile of toiletry items that we have gotten for free or pennies.  Can you tell I love saving money!

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