Saturday, September 11, 2010

Super Double Coupons make me Super Duper Happy!

So as I was trolling some of my normal blogs and websites yesterday I saw on Southern Savers that Harris Teeter will be having Super Double coupons this coming week. I literally did a happy dance. Super Double and Triple coupons are when I get to stockpile treats and yummy snacks without completely busting our budget. This is one of the weeks that I may actually go over $40. Like I mentioned before, there will inevitably be weeks that I just cannot keep it at or under $40. I hope that there are some amazing sales to go along with the coupon event so that I can end up with some freebies.

I know that a lot of people do not like to bother with coupons but I love it. I get excited every Wednesday when I got get my paper out of the yard because I know that the grocery ads and on Sundays I anxiously await our paper delivery so that I can scope out the coupons. I learned when in college, and while working at a grocery store, that if you put forth a little bit of effort you can go home with so much food for very little out of pocket cost. I am so proud of myself when I can leave a store that accepts coupons and look down at my receipt and see that I saved as much if not more than I spent. As my 3 year old would say, "It's making me happy!"

Ok so this turned out to be totally random but I wanted to share my excitement over super double coupons!


  1. I still don't see how you do it. I find coupons for things I'd like but then when I actually get to the store, I find that the store brand item is the same price or less and no coupon is needed/applicable. I DO need to make a trip to an Aldi one of these days, tho. Or maybe just stop grocery shopping for things other than milk/fruit/veggies for a while.

  2. Well, Aldi doesn't accept coupons but has amazing prices. Then when I do use coupons I make a point to go to places that double coupons all the time. Then when those places have super double or triple couons that's when I stock up. So I'm not buying meat, pasta, rices and that stuff except when it's super cheap. I also match the sales items to my coupons and aim to purchase items for $1 or less. I know it sounds ridiculous and crazy but it's so much fun! :)