Friday, October 15, 2010

Crock Pot Chicken and Potato's.......the meal that keeps on giving

A while back a friend shared a crock pot chicken recipe that tasted similar to a rotisserie chicken.  Intrigued I thought I would give it a shot.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised.  I made the mistake of over cooking the chicken the first time I made it.  The meat gets so tender that when you try to remove the chicken from the crock pot it literally falls off the bone.  The potato's are delicious and soak up a lot of the yummy broth that accumulates in the bottom of the crock pot.  They are so good that when making this I have never had to add butter or salt to my potato's.  The longer you leave everything in the crock pot the more flavorful the potatos become.  The bonus, the bottom of the crock pot is left with chicken stock which I then add water, carrots, celery and some of the chicken to for a yummy chicken soup.  I've done this several times and have never been disappointed.

To start, wash and poke the potato's and then wrap in aluminum foil.  Place in the bottom of the crock pot.  I keep this to one layer so that there is room for the actual chicken.

Trim and clean a whole chicken.  Pat dry and sprinkle generously with seasoning salt inside and out.  Once seasoned place the chicken breast side down on top of the potato's.  Cover and cook on low for 4-6 hours.  Once this is going I chopped an entire bunch of celery and about 6 carrots.  They went into the fridge for later.  Today mine was fully cooked in about 4.5 hours.  The chicken was beginning to come away from the bones and was moist.  I've left it in longer in the past when I cooked it while not at home and it still tasted great but the chicken meat started to fall apart.  Here's the chicken with 5 potato's.

Here is the broth left in the crock pot.

I added about 6 cups of water(the first time taste the broth after every two cups of water until you get it to your personal liking; 6 works for us but may be too strong or too bland for others) and the celery and carrots.  I made sure to scrape the sides where the chicken touched to get all the good stuff.


This will stay in the crock pot an additional hour or two until the vegetables are tender.  I have added the chicken at varying times and don't think it makes a difference.  This is one of my favorite chicken meals because it stretches so far.  Not only do you get the original meal of chicken and potato's, you get chicken soup, and leftover meat that can be used for sandwich's.  Tonight I had the chicken and potato's, tomorrow night I plan to have chicken soup and baked potato and the following day for lunch I will probably have a chicken sandwich.  All made from the same thing but different enough I can eat it that often.  The soup itself is very versatile too because you can add whatever veggies you like or have around.  Plus when you warm it if you want to make it noodle soup just warm it on the stove and cook the noodles as the soup warms.  You could do the same with rice.

I love that I paid approximately $6 for the ingredients that went into this and we will get so many meals off of it.  Whenever whole chickens are on sale I buy at least 4.  They can stretch so far.  We are big chicken eaters here so I always have it on hand.

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