Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love Aldi????

I know that I've mentioned that our weekly shopping is generally conducted at Aldi.  I've had coworkers in the past rave about the place and just kind of brushed it off.  A few months ago I decided to give it a whirl. What could it hurt?  After gong once I was hooked.  If you haven't been, they don't carry many name brand items or accept coupons or credit cards.  Its a totally different shopping experience with the layout and that if you want bags you have to bring them or purchase them.  After working in a grocery store for 4+ years I really don't mind.

This week we had several things on our list.  I try to keep ou grocery list updated throughout the week with everything that we either run out of or are low on.  I also add things that will be needed for meals the upcoming week.  I was a little worried going in that we would be getting the list and nothing else to stick to our $40 weekly budget.  The hubby needed snack items for work that I was not aware of until I was about to leave which added several items to the list.

Here's a picture of all items purcased.

Then I decided to break things down a bit because it was hard to see everything.

The pictures are a little fuzzy for some reason but you get the general idea.  I finally remembered to take pictues before putting everyting away!!  We had  little surplus in the budget so I added a few extras like the cinnamon swirl sticks with icng, the cotainers of orange and balck icing for Halloween cookies and soda.  Even with the extra's we came in under budget!  Our total was $36.69.  I will need to get creative and plan some meals with potatos.  That's a 10 lb bag.  I couldn't resist though because it was $2.99.  I am already thinking baked potaos, french fries, fried potatos, seasoned and roasted potatos.  I may go ahead and chop potatos for fries and roasting and freeze them for later.  Any other ideas are greatlyappreciated.  :) 

I'm really happy with this trip.  Looking at our freezers and cabinets I think we may be able to skip a week of shopping this month. (happy dance) 

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