Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Information is free

I started thinking a few days ago about how much I like to get things for free.  Then while visiting my parents one of those random things just happened that made me think.  One of my favorite meals is my dad's chicken and pastry.  It's nothing fancy just yummy food that I remember from my childhood.  When I make it at home it's never the same.  I use the same pastry strips that my dad does.  I've tried several different types of chicken but it never tastes as good.

Last weekend my parents invited us over for lunch.  It just so happened that my dad made chicken and pastry.  My mom also made banana pudding (another of the things that I try to reproduce and can not figure out why mine is never as good as hers).  After tasting the banana pudding I told my mom that I just made one a couple of weeks ago and it didn't taste nearly as good as hers.  As simple as that she told me how she makes hers and you know what?  She uses an extra ingredient that completely changes the way it tastes which is why hers is so much better.  All I had to do was ask.  After talking to her about this and having yummy chicken and pastry I told my dad that ours never tastes as good as his.  He had me tell him how I make it.  I started by telling him that I steam the chicken.  He stopped me right there and informed me that he boils the chicken in the water, removes it to cool and shred and starts cooking the pastry in the same water.  Again, all I had to do is ask.

I know that everyone has had situations where they wondered how someone made something, where they got it from or how to do something.  I know that personally a lot of times I wonder these same questions but don't ask.  Why is that?  Information is something that is free and available to anyone.  All we have to do is ask.  If it's not something that we can simply ask someone then research it.  For weeks I kept saying that I really want to learn to knit.  I don't know anyone that knows how to knit that could each me.  Finally I realized that I needed to do the research and teach myself instead of repeatedly stating that I want to learn.  So the next time I was at a craft store I found a learn to knit kit purchased it and some yarn.  After getting home and reading through the instructions I realized why I always ask people to show me how to do things.  I am definitely a visual learner.  So, after a little frustration I decided that I needed to do more research.  I jumped on the computer, went to You Tube and searched for knitting.  After viewing several videos I found some that were easy to follow.  I watched the video all the way through, got my knitting needles and yarn and watched again while doing what was shown in the video and practiced.  I am now almost finished with my first scarf.  It's not perfect but I learned and am getting better. 

Information whether found from people, books or the internet is generally free.  So what is it that you've wanted to learn or find out but never do?  What's the worst that can happen?  You ask and someone says no or you find something and try it but it's not quite what you were looking for.  Well, then you move on and keep looking or ask someone else.  Along the way you may find some really great things.  There have been many times when I've  been looking for a recipe and tried one out and it wasn't what I was looking for but was delicious and became part of our menu rotation.  Sometimes we need to revert back the the 3 year old in us that asks a million questions.  You may just get some really great answers.        

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