Sunday, October 17, 2010

Menu for October 16th-31

I got sidetracked with completing our menu for the remainder of the month after my whole house came down with a bug.  No one felt well and the last thing I wanted to do with free time was plan meals and rummage through the freezer and cabinets.  Any free time usually consisted of laying on my bed.  But inevitably, a menu must be formed before we get too far off track.  I know us and if we don't have a clear plan set out it will result in last minute menu picks or take out.  So in an effort to keep our overall food budget in check and to eat healthier meals I NEED to have this plan.

10/16/10- Dinner @ my parents
10/17/10- Chicken soup with baked potato (leftovers from crock pot chicken and potato's)
10/18/10-Shrimp with rice and carrots
10/19/10- Rotisserie pork loin with roasted potato's and carrots
10/20/10- Leftovers
10/21/10- Baked tilapia with steamed veggies and baked potato
10/22/10- Citrus chicken salad with Mandarin oranges
10/23/10- Sandwich's with chips and fruit
10/24/10- Cheeseburgers with salad and fries
10/25/10- Pasta with chicken and veggies
10/26/10- Waffles with fruit and bacon
10/27/10- Soup with baked potato
10/28/10- Burritos with salad
10/29/10- Dinner with the in laws
10/30/10- Low country boil
10/31/10- Chicken pot pie

I'm still working on using up some of our stockpile of chicken.  I didn't realize how much of it we had until the stew incident.  I'm thinking that a big pot of chicken and pastry is in order too.  I feel like we've been eating the same meal so I may need to brainstorm and search for new recipes....hmm I feel a mini meal project in the making.

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