Monday, October 4, 2010

October 1st-15th Menu's

Here's our menu for the 1st-15th.  Anything that does not get made will be bumped down to the second half of the month.

1st- Kielbasa with man and cheese
2nd- Cheese sticks, crab legs and cheesecake (don't judge it was our anniversary dinner)
3rd- Grilled chicken, mashed potato's, green beans and corn
4th- Cheesy chicken and broccoli rice
5th- Cinnamon puff with bacon and fruit
6th- Cheeseburger pie with salad
7th- Chicken nuggets with fries and fruit
8th- Crock pot beef stew with biscuits
9th- Rotisserie pork loin, mashed potato's and salad
10th- Leftovers
11th- Chicken Alfredo with broccoli
12th- Crock pot pork roast with salad and rice
13th- Sandwich's with fruit
14th- Tilapia wit rice and veggies
15th- Leftovers

As you can see when it gets cold I love my crock pot.  It's easy and I get hearty warm meals with very little work from me.  The carrots and celery for the stew are actually going to be chopped up today, bagged and frozen.  On the day of I will pull them out before I sear the meat and then toss it all together with some potato's in the crock pot. 

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