Monday, October 4, 2010

October...a fresh start

After posting a few blog entries last month I realized that it wasn't the best idea for me to start posting mid month.  I had already had several shopping trips and it was too much catch up.  So I am starting fresh with October.  Until the past few months my husband and I have been sticking to our budget of $40 a week on groceries.  As a reminder, this does not include any takeout or the purchases he makes for us at work.  I tried to include those purchases in some of my previous posts but it didn't fit budget wise.  So we re-evaluated our budget and most of the spending that we were doing outside the grocery budget and came to the conclusion that we just need to limit how much we allow ourselves to spend for our stockpile.  So, we have $40 per week on groceries and $40 per month to use toward stockpiling.  I just can't pass up free, or almost free, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and so on.  To us it makes more sense to allow some money in our budget toward purchasing those items when they are at super low prices. 

So our month of October we are really trying to get back to the basics of our budget.  We strayed a little the past few weeks due to my birthday and our wedding anniversary.  We have started October with a bang, in the form of a shopping trip to Sam's Club.  EEK!  Oh how we love Sam's.  At one time, we were making a trip there every other month.  However, Friday was a our first trip there in SEVERAL months.  We had very specific things in mind to purchase and for the most part we didn't stray too much.  We went in knowing that we needed pillows, crab legs (anniversary dinner), dog treats, and dog food.  Well, $234.58 later we walked out of Sam's.  Yep, we spent over $200.  That's what we normally spend an entire month on groceries!!!!  After doing the $40 challenge for a few months it really put it into perspective.  We ended up purchasing dog food and dog treats( both will actually last at least 3 months), 4 king pillows, fruit cups (for the hubby's lunch), ketchup (my boys eat it like it's a food group in itself), moist wipes, cheese balls, paper plates, chicken nuggets, bacon (this will last 2-3 months), cheesecake (part of the anniversary dinner and considering it was Cheesecake Factory not a bad deal for $15 we got 12 slices), magic erasers (10), Naked fruit drinks, syrup (another of little mans food groups- he asks for waffles or pancakes at least once per day), crab legs (anniversary dinner), frozen chicken breasts, and mozzarella sticks (one word--YUM).  Not the best trip but definitely not the worst.  The majority of the items we purchased are long term items.  The fruit drinks and cheesecake are fading fast but we were able to get 2 meals off of the crab legs.  On Saturday for the actual anniversary and we are saving the rest for another night.  Also, I don't see another Sam's trip in our future until at least after the new year.

So summary of October so far.....we've spend way too much money but we have a plan for our stockpiling expenditures and we have had no problems doing the $40 per week for groceries.  I just know that Harris Teeter will end up doing Super Doubles or Triple coupons this month since we made that Sam's trip.  It would be just my luck. 

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