Sunday, October 24, 2010

Organization Series: Part 1

Part 1: Know What You Have.

I wanted to go into detail about how to really get started with lowering your food budget.  This has been a multiple year task for my family.  It started back when it was just my husband and I .  I am a person that likes organization, lists, and calendars but has trouble utilizing them. (If you could see my house then you would understand.)  So, as a challenge to myself and to help those that may be beginning the task of tackling a budget or are in need of getting back on track I am going to do this as a series.  I've talked about the importance of knowing what you have.  In that post there is a link to the pantry and freezer inventory lists that I have used in the past.  Recently, I have not utilized these items and I really should.  Why else do we have so much chicken and no stew meat...

So my challenge over the next few days is to complete both a pantry inventory and a freezer inventory.  It's not gong to be easy with a 3 year old tornado in my house but it has to be done.  I need to know what we have on hand so that I don't purchase it unnecessarily and to help with menu planning.  It's also a good way to weed out any expired items you may have forgotten about.  I've read a lot about shopping from your pantry.  I've done it several times myself and it's amazing how many meals you can create from what you already have but first you must KNOW what you already have.  See the trend here.  To start with the organization process that goes along with saving money in your food budget you have to start with what you already have.  I'm sure I will find a few surprises tucked away. 

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