Monday, October 25, 2010


My little man blessed me by taking a 2 + hour nap Saturday.  During that time one of the things I accomplished was cleaning out two cabinets and filling in the pantry inventory sheet for those cabinets.

Ok so it's only two cabinets but we don't have a large pantry so things are in several different places.  I did a little thinking as to why keeping the pantry and freezer logs always fell through in the past.  The only thing I have been able to come up with is that it was inconvenient to locate the log to mark items off as they were used.  In other words, I was being lazy.  So to make things easier on myself and to ensure that I continue using this method and not just take inventory and then drop the system I have filled in and taped it to the inside of the coordinating cabinet.  At least that way when I finish something or am getting low it's right there to be marked off and when I make my grocery list and decide to check for things needed I can glance at the lists to see if we are out of anything.  An added bonus is that when I'm checking to see if we have something I don't have to rummage through the cabinet.  I can go down the list and either it's there or it's not.  I left room at the bottom of each to add on newly purchased items.  There are 5 boxes after each space so in most cases I can just add on another slash to indicate that I have another of that item but I wanted extra space for new additions.  I should be able to update this as needed based on space.  I'm hoping for monthly but will be happy with biweekly.  If I become really motivated I may make my own so that I can type thing in on the computer instead of handwriting it.

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