Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cleaning is Saving Me Money

I'm not going to lie, I have trouble keeping our home clean.  There have been lots of times when someone stops by or needs to come by for some random reason and I am embarrassed with the state of my house.  For me it's a matter of getting started.  I have a tendency toward procrastination, but you know what they say about procrastination...  Once I get started I'm good but maintaining the state of clean never lasts. 

I thought about it, and have read articles and blogs on the subject.  I realized something today as I started a load of laundry (I'm shooting for one load a day if we have enough for a full load).  In the past, I wait until our laundry hampers are overflowing.  Which usually results in anywhere from 3-5 loads being done in one day.  If we end up doing closer to 5 loads then usually after the third load I loose steam and end up leaving clothes in either the washing machine of the dryer.  What good does that do me?  NONE!!  If I do that then I end up having to either a) rewash the clothing in the washing machine so that it does not stink and then dry it or b) keep running the dryer to fluff the clothes that I am too lazy to just fold and put away.  Thinking about it this morning as I changed the load from the washing machine to the dryer I realized that by rewashing the clothes I'm wasting water and electricity, not to mention wear and tear on my clothes and machine.  On top of that, I still have to dry the clothing.  In the case of the clothing left in the dryer I find that it stays there and  keep "fluffing" the clothes.  I know that I have fluffed loads in the past at least 4 times before ever actually removing and putting away the laundry. (That was embarrassing to admit)

So, I'm working on not wasting money by being lazy and procrastinating.  I've been doing this for about a week now and it's been really nice just completing our laundry one load at a time.  I've even worked in cleaning our couch cover and all of our sheets.  When we don't have a full load then I don't worry about it.  At night when straightening up I check the laundry and if there is enough then the load goes into the washing machine.  In the morning while I'm getting little man and myself breakfast I simply add detergent.  By the time we are finish up the load is washed and can be moved to the dryer.  It's a lot easier to get motivated to fold one load of laundry rather than load after load.  What do you put off??  The surprising thing, we have a lot more clothes than I realized.  I just never noticed because I would wait so long to do laundry. (Again, embarrassing to admit.) 

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