Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dating without the Dough

So I mentioned inexpensive fun before but dates are something that my husband and I don't do very often.  Sadly, in the past few months we have had one kid free date.  I'm working on that.  Our main issue is my husbands work schedule.  The holidays are very busy at work and he is about to start a six week stretch where he will have only one day off each week.  The past few days at work have really stunk for him so to do something nice I made dinner while little man was napping and after my husband came home from work I put everything back in the oven to warm.  We actually had a sit down dinner with candles and music after little man was asleep.  It didn't cost anything but was a nice night for the two of us.  That got me thinking about inexpensive dates.  What are some things that can be done together for "date night" that don't cost a lot?

1.  Make a nice dinner.  Either person can make the dinner, or make it together.  It doesn't have to be an extravagant meal if you make it special.  Set the table, light some candles, turn on some music and enjoy the company. 
2.  Go for a walk.  Really, just walk around and talk.  Walk outside, at a park, or window shop at the mall. 
3.  Game night!  This is actually one of my personal favorites.  After little man goes to bed we will pull out old board games or cards and sit on the floor and play. 
4.  Movie Night at home.  Rent a movie, Redbox is awesome and is only $1.  There are also free Redbox rentals offered through websites, we won one in the McDonald's Monopoly game.  Get your movie, pop some popcorn, get drinks and some candy and your set.  Turn off the lights and snuggle up on the couch or your favorite chair.  Also check out the library, you can rent movies for about a week at a time.  They aren't new but may be new to you and are free.
5. Coffee date.  Go to your favorite coffee place and splurge on your favorite drink, pick out one of the comfortable couches and just sit and enjoy yourself.  Even with splurging on your favorite drinks the cost will be about $10, that's $10 for the whole date.  In date terms, that's not bad. You get to enjoy your favorite drink and person, that alone makes it a special night.  If you can't afford $10 you can always make your own coffee scene at home by adding extras to your coffee, playing music and dimming the lights.  I will give you the feel of a coffee shop without going anywhere or spending money.
6.  Spa night.  I really enjoy this one.  Break out some nice smelling lotion or massage oils if you have them and give each other massages and/or foot rubs.  It's relaxing and something nice that you can do for one another.
7. Recreate your first date (generally first dates aren't too extravagant as your getting to know one another and usually happen when you are young and poor).  My husband and I technically had our first date with a group of friends watching a movie at one of their apartments.  Simple and sweet.
8. Go for ice cream.  If you can't swing that then maybe you could do a create your own sundae date.  You can plan for it for a week or two and pick up one or two items a week until you have what you need.  Set up toppings, syrup and whipped topping on the counter or table, scoop your ice cream and then get to creating!
9.  Miniature golf.  Don't laugh but my dad and I had a standing date when I was between the ages of 8-12.  Almost every Friday night, or Saturday, after dinner we would go to Putt Putt.  We would play a round of miniature golf.  He taught me how to putt and I learned how to work each hole to my advantage.  It's something I still enjoy.  It doesn't take a lot of money but you get to have fun and just spend time together.  Be careful though because it may bring out your competitive side.
10. Teach each other something.  There are probably things that you can do that your significant other doesn't know how to and vice verse.  Take a few nights here and  there and learn something new.

These are a few of the examples I could think of.  It's not about what your doing, it's about who your with and enjoying the time spent with them.

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