Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 6: Granola

This is another Hillbilly Housewife recipe.  I've made this granola several times and it's definitely a favorite.  My nephew loves it and will eat it all if we let him.  If I remember correctly, the last time I made some for them it was gone within about 12 hours.  We have eaten this granola several ways.  We eat it dry, with yogurt, and as a cereal.  It has also a big hit with little man.  This is another recipe that I have to double because otherwise it is gone in about a day. 

The initial ingredients melting in the pot.

The dry ingredients waiting to be added.

Everything once it has been combined.

The granola after it has been baked.  I consider mine to be finished once the edges turn the golden brown color shown in the picture.  Sometimes that takes the full 10 minutes and other times it takes less.  I watch the granola very closely.  I check it at 5 minutes, 7 minutes and 9 minutes to prevent burning. 

And the final product after it has been crumbled.  I kept it plain this time but have added chocolate chips and chocolate candies in the past.  I'm sure that it would be delicious with chocolate candy, seeds, dried fruits or nuts added.  We tend to keep it simple so that little man(who has a peanut allergy) can still eat it.

Tip:  If you double the batch bake it separately.  I've tried to bake both batches at once and it always ends up burnt.  I would rather spend the extra 10 minutes baking and end up with a double batch of yummy granola than try to save 10 minutes and end up with burnt and inedible granola.

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