Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 8: Pecan Pie

I've made pecan pie from scratch one other time.  It was several years ago for the first Thanksgiving meal that I made for my husband and myself.  It's been years since then and I haven't made another.  Today, that changed.  I made the crust and filling from scratch. 

For the crust I am using a recipe I got from a friend.  The first time I made pecan pie this is the recipe I used for both the crust and pie.  I just used my Betty Crocker cookbook.  It was delicious, especially since I had never made anything like it before.  I plan to still use the same filling recipe provided in the link above.

So the crust was not working with me.  I wasn't sure how it was going to come out.  I ended up having to add more oil and water so that it would stop crumbling and stay together.  I was scared that it would be too oily or taste terrible.  Here is what it looked like before the filling was added.

Here's the pie before cooking.

And after.

After letting the pie cool a few minutes I got a slice.  It was still very hot but it was yummy.  Apparently, even with adding water and oil to the crust it didn't have an affect.  Homemade pecan pie is so much richer than the store bought pies.  I really wanted to make 2.  However after having so much trouble with the first crust I wanted to see how it came out before trying to make two.  But, I don't have enough eggs to make another and that's probably a good thing because I would be in trouble with two of those around. 

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