Saturday, November 27, 2010

General Update

Things have been a little busy lately to say the least.  With the holidays in full swing and me in the middle of the baking challenge it seems that's all I have time to blog about.  That along with chasing after a busy 3 year old.  I'm still trying to figure out how a person that small can make such big messes.

I also wanted to mention that if it seems like my bread making is off a day or so, your right.  I forgot to feed the starter time before last until late afternoon so I decided to just wait until the following morning instead of having to wait until after midnight to mix up the dough.  Since the recipe says to feed it every 3-5 days I usually wait and do it on day 4.  But that time and then again this time I've forgotten so it's not getting fed until day 5. 

As for the Organization Series, I have every intention of finishing it but like I mentioned before, it's just been busy around here.  Once the holidays are past as well as the holiday challenge then I will be able to jump back in with the organization and get back on track with our $40 a week.  I'm not gonna lie, right now we are well over $40 a week, mostly because of the holiday challenge and all of the extra baking items that I need and the quantities of baking items that I need.  However, we did plan on spending over $40 a week for November and December due to the holiday and my tendency to want to bake and cook so we aren't too far off from our budget.  I will also need the challenge of getting reorganized after the holidays with all the time I've been spending in the kitchen and extra supplies that we have purchased.  Right now I go through 1 bag of all purpose flour, wheat flour and bread flour about every 2 weeks, sometimes I fun out faster than that.  We were already over $40 a week for November and then I came up with the holiday challenge and really wanted to see if I would be able to do it.  I mean baking/making something everyday for 6 weeks may not seem like much but it does take some planning.  I actually need to take a little time today or tomorrow to map out December's challenge plan and do a little menu planning.  On Thanksgiving my sister actually asked me, "So, what's the point of you doing this every day?"  I didn't know that there had to be a point.  I was honest and told her that I wanted to do it just to see if I could.  It's as simple as that. 

So that is where I am right now.  I am determined to keep up with the Holiday challenge and finish it.  Once that madness is over then I will get back to my normal posts.

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