Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday Challenge Update

I sat down yesterday and planned not only our menu for the second half of the month but also my baking/making menu for the remainder of November.  I've told several friends and family about my holiday challenge, all agree with me that I must be slightly looney to do this but made sure I knew they would be more than happy to take some of the goodies off my hands.  I do think it will be fun and challenging.  I like to bake and little man likes to help.  We popped into Dollar Tree today and I bought two baskets (for delivering goodies to my family, I will just ask they return them each week for a refill), holiday themed cupcake liners and goodie boxes.  Last week i purchased holiday themed goodie bags so I have a few of those on hand.  For the next two and a half weeks I tried to make sure there was a good variety of cakes, cookies, pies, muffins and snack items so that it wouldn't be too much of one thing at t time.  Really, who needs a whole week of cakes and pies?  I'm sure it would taste yummy but would be really hard to eat it all, even with help.

Beginning Monday I will start my 6 weeks of baking.  Since I am already baking Friendship bread every 3-5 days I am allowing that to be my baking for those days. I'm actually really excited about this.  There are recipes that I have wanted to make but keep putting off as well as things that my husband wants from his childhood. 

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