Monday, November 8, 2010

November 1-15th Menu

I realize this is over a week late but better late than never.  I've been working on several things around the house, including Friendship bread starter and baking bread, but I am working on getting several thing posted.  I'm a multi-tasker, what can I say?

1st- Leftovers
2- Chicken Sandwich's with peaches
3- Tilapia with rice and salad
4- Cheeseburger pasta with veggies
5- Pork loin with corn bread and green beans
6- Dinner @ parents
7- Leftovers
8- Peach cinnamon puff with sausage
9- Rotisserie Chicken with mashed potato's and mixed veggies
10- Shrimp scampi with corn bread and broccoli
11- Chicken Alfredo with salad
12- Crock pot ribs, scalloped potato's and asparagus
13- Parmesan Tilapia with rice and roasted carrots and potato's
14- Chicken and pastry with snow peas
15- Cinnamon rolls with bacon and fruit

So that's the first half of the month.  It's very likely that some of these will not happen but they will get put back in the rotation as I go.  I still have to work on the rest of my pantry inventory and then I can finally get to the freezer.  I do not look forward to that but it HAS to be done.

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