Saturday, November 27, 2010

Provide Positive Feedback

So about a week ago I decided to send an e-mail to Dannon.  My son LOVES their yogurt smoothie drinks.  I figured that it was worth telling taking a few minutes to tell them how much we enjoy their product and asking if there were any coupons available.

The next day I received an e-mail thanking me for my feedback and talking about how they try to provide the best product possible for their customers and that they enjoy receiving feedback.  It also said that they have mailed coupons to the address I provided them.

Today when checking my mail I received an envelope from Dannon.  Inside was a letter thanking me for taking the time to contact and providing positive comments about their product.  There was a section talking about product development and, high standards and customer satisfaction.  Included were two $.50 off any Dannon product (excluding 5.3 and 6 oz cups) and a coupon for FREE any one 4 pack or 6 pack Dannon cup, drink or dual tubes. 

The point is, companies like getting feedback, especially positive feedback.  Think about how many people complain to companies.  For the company, it must be nice to hear positive comments every now and then.  So if you really enjoy a product, send the company a letter or e-mail.  It only takes a few minutes and they may in turn send you coupons for one of your favorite items. 

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