Friday, November 19, 2010

So Far, So Good!

Starting out, everyone that I told about the holiday challenge was a little surprised at what I wanted to do.  I basically got, "Your going to bake or make something outside of regular meals for 6 weeks!??"  But I went into it with a plan.  We made out list or recipes to make and then I made a menu plan.  I simply added it on to the calendar where I make our regular dinner menu plan.  I made sure that we have everything on hand that 's needed for that weeks recipes and off I went.  I have to say that so far it's going really well.  I'm not eating as much of it myself as I was worried that I would.  It's here and I know that something new will be made the following day.  I actually look forward to making my recipe each day.  I also love that I get to share what I've made with my family.  (Give it a few weeks and my sister may not be so happy with me, she's currently doing Weight Watcher.)  If that's the case then I'm sure I can manage to find others who would love getting goodies here and there. 

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