Monday, November 8, 2010

Walgreen's Stockpile

If you haven't looked at it yet, take a minute to check out this weeks Walgreen's ad.  They have a bunch of in store coupons and many of them can be matched with manufacturers coupons.  There were several things included that I have been planning to stock up on for my holiday baking/cooking.  My plan was to add a few items here and there on the weeks where I didn't need much at the store but I couldn't pass up this deal  Most of the items that I had the hubby pick up were around $1 after coupons.  I think that the only thing we didn't have coupons for was the pumpkin puree (I have been hoarding it this year after last years shortage) and the toothpaste (little man got into his toothpaste and I'm pretty sure he ate it.  He likes to hide in cabinets and when I was cleaning his bathroom and opened the cabinet to his most recent hiding spot found open and empty containers of toothpaste.....gotta love 3 year olds.)

Total spent = $15.50
Total Saved = $19.27

I love it when we save more than we spent!!

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