Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 26: Bread and Truffles

It's bread day again!  For some reason the bread has not been rising very well.  I believe that it has something to do with the colder temperatures and the fact that we keep our house somewhat cool.  At about 8 hours from making the dough it didn't look as if it had risen much if any.  And again at 12 hours still not much.  I talked to my mom and she had the same problem.  She admitted that in the past she would make starter and make bread from it 2-3 times and then toss it out and that was how she got the best results.  So after about 14 hours the dough had not risen and I tossed it.  I am dumping the starter and starting fresh.  It feels like such a waste but at the same time making bread that is not rising and is really dense was a waste too.  It still tastes ok but definitely has not been as good as the firs few times I made bread. 

This chocolate truffle recipe is always a hit.  I found the recipe a few years ago in a Kraft Food and Family magazine.  They looked scrumptious and sounded fairly easy to make so I gave it a try.  I've had coworkers in the past beg for these over and over after bringing them to work.  The recipe is located here on their website.  This time I am going to try making them using soy butter instead of peanut butter so that little man can eat them too.  I've used powdered sugar and chopped walnuts to coat them in the past and both are really good.

Here's the chocolate and peanut butter mixture.

Here it is after all ingredients have been added and chilled for 1 hour.

The finished product.

Those 5 truffles are gone.  Yum!  I highly suggest letting the mixture sit for longer than 1 hour.  As I made the truffles above they were a little softer than I like when rolling them into balls.  This is one of those desserts that seem so much more difficult than it actually is.  I definitely suggest making this for get togethers or parties.  Every time I bring this somewhere they are a hit. 

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