Monday, December 27, 2010

The Holiday Challenge Recap

I admit that the last few days leading up to Christmas were much busier than anticipated.  I feel like considering that I have never done anything like this before it went very well.  Planning played a big part in that.  I think that I will definitely give this a try again next year.  It was nice to try out new recipes.  I am the worst for clipping recipes or seeing them in cookbooks and saying I'm going to try that and then never actually getting to it. 

Right now I am in the process of cleaning up from Christmas.  We have several large new toys for little man that we need to find homes for.  I also want to get a jump on January's menu planning and activity planning since we will be with friends when we ring in the New Year.  I am also contemplating some goals to set for 2011.  Nothing extravagant, but things I want to work toward and things that will help our family to become healthier but that's another post in itself.

Off to enjoy this rare snow that we got.  In our part of NC we got about 8 inches yesterday.  That's more than we usually get for a whole year so we are enjoying it while it lasts.

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