Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Clearance

So if your like me then you love to go to stores and check out the holiday items on clearance after the holiday passes.  I do this for pretty much every holiday and get decorations, paper, bags and so on for half price or less.  The hubby and I checked out Kmart last night but only bought one Christmas tree ornament.  We purchased a Scooby Doo ornament for little man.  It's normally $5.99 but with the after Christmas sales it ended up being $3.23 with tax.  I'm ok with that.  The hubby also picked up a Disney lighted inflatable Mickey Mouse for outside at Walgreen's.  The original price was $19.99 and he paid $4.58.  Then the best part was my trip to Target.  We have gotten low on wrapping paper and bows.  We have also started the tradition of buying one or two new ornaments each year.  Usually one for us and one for little man but when we looked at other places there just weren't many that we liked.  Today little man and I made the trip to Target.  I wanted to get out sooner so that the items wouldn't be picked over but we had a snow storm and that didn't happen.  Surprisingly there was still a lot left at Target.  They had gift boxes, ornaments, wrapping paper, bows, holiday food items and so on.  Little man was in an especially good mood, he used some of his saved money to buy two toys, so I was able to browse freely.  I spent about 30-45 minutes in just the discounted Christmas section.  I did however venture into the other parts of the store and don't be fooled, they have discounted Christmas items throughout the entire store.  There are also a lot of toys on clearance.  One of the gifts that little man received and I know was about $30-35 was on clearance for $20.  If I would have had more time I would have loved to really browse and see what I could find but there are definitely some good deals out there right now.  This is what I ended up getting.

I love the gift boxes and little boxes for gift cards.    Everything pictures was either on sale or clearance.  My receipt is covered in little arrows pointing down.  Grand total spent at Target $40.85.  Total saved at Target $35.86!!!  I saved almost as much as I spent.  I love when it works out that way.  Now I can go into the next holiday season prepared with gift wrap, bows, tape and gift boxes instead of running out to get them during the peak point of the season or when I run out while trying to wrap presents.  Maybe this year I will be able to wrap as I buy.  I was very tempted to go ahead and purchase some of the clearance toys to go toward little man's birthday and next Christmas but I held off.  Most likely I will start our Christmas shopping this summer after little man's birthday.  I loved that this year by November I was finished with the exception of one or two gifts.  It felt really nice and there was so much less stress.  So if you have the opportunity definitely hit up some of the after Christmas sales.

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  1. I love the after Christmas sales. Walgreens has really cute wreathes 50% off which makes them only like $3.50 plus tax and they are really pretty. They are kind of small though but at that price who cares!