Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Disappointed...

I meant to write this up earlier but I was so disappointed with myself today.  I was cleaning up today and started cleaning up the refrigerator because it needed to be cleaned out so I could compile our grocery list.  I threw out so much food.  I ended up throwing out lettuce, an apple, cucumber, leftover fish, rice and veggies, and leftover cranberry sauce just to name a few.  I hate throwing out food.  I work so hard to save money on our food budget but when we waste that much of it we are just wasting money.  I know that being sick for a week had a lot to do with it.  All of the planned meals that week were skipped and the hubby had to fend for himself. 

I am definitely VERY motivated to get back on track.  I have gone through our dinner menu and my baking challenge menu and have our grocery list made.  I think I am going to make myself eat leftovers for lunch whenever there are any.  That will definitely take care of them.  I also have to get better about using up our produce.  I should be eating it but it just doesn't happen sometimes.  So I am definitely motivated to get back on track.  I fully admit that I have slacked up a little lately.  Between buying the extras for the Holiday Challenge and recovering from being sick I just lost my motivation.  It's back and I am on a mission!

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  1. I am the worst for letting my produce go bad and then having to throw it out. Then I feel guilty. One because I should have been eating it and two because well like you said I just wasted money.