Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aldi 1/19/11

Today was our weekly grocery trip.  We really didn't need much at all so I knew that we would be under the budgeted $40.  Everything pictured above came in at $20.75.

I purchased:

Gala Apples
(2) 2 Liter Soda's (this is so my downfall; I LOVE sweets)
Gallon of Milk
Whole Wheat Mini Bagels
BBQ Sauce
Graham Crackers
2lbs of Banana (We have been plowing through bananas)
Baking Soda

Based on this I am sure you are wondering what the heck we eat.  But this was a filler shopping trip.  We are fully stocked right now with meats, rice, instant potatos, pasta and frozen veggies and anything else we would need to make meals.  Plus, we are not going to be eating at home much this weekend so next week will probably be a larger trip.


  1. Great job! I still need to visit Aldi sometime. I have heard that chocolate milk is good for sweet cravings. If you made your own, I'm sure it would be inexpensive.

  2. Aldi is wonderful. They don't have a huge selection/variety but the prices are better than anywhere else. I LOVE chocolate milk, we always have the fixings because of a little boy I know.... I'll have to try that next time I get the urge. I generally just have coffee and water unless I have soda in the house.

  3. That is an awesome shopping trip! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those trips! I am a little jealous... No Aldi here! LOL

  4. Kassandra- I waited a long time before trying Aldi and was shocked the first time I made a trip there. It's really helped trim down the budget, otherwise I would be shopping at Wal Mart unless there were good sales. I think that since they don't have a huge variety it also helps keep things in check because there is a lot less to be tempted by and their core products stay the same but some of the snacks and seasonal items change weekly so you really never know what you might find.