Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Harris Teeter 1/5/11

Happy dance for Super Double coupons.  OK now that I'm done with that (I really do a happy dance every time they do super doubles or triple coupons).

I feel like today's Harris Teeter trip was successful.  We of course spent more than I wanted but half of it was left over from the previous month and the rest came out of our account and the portion that came out of our account was $10 over what I normally spend in a week.  I can live with that.

Please ignore the mess in the background

So total spent on all of the food pictured above $102.05!!  Total saved between coupons and sales $94.70!!

I used $50 in cash that was left over from the previous month/gifts and used the other $52.05 from this months food budget.  I was hoping that it would only be my planned $40 but I never adhere to that or make myself when it's super double or triple coupons.  However, I shouldn't need much for the next two weeks, probably month.

Here are the best deals I was able to get.

Mahatma Rice 3/$2
Coupon $.75 off 2 (doubled to $1.50)
Total for 2 rice packets = $1.34- $1.50
Made $.16 or FREE

Success Boil in Bag Rice 2/ $3
Coupon $1 off 1 (doubled to $2 off 1)- I had 2 of these
Total for 2 boxes of rice = $3 - $4
Made $1 or FREE

YoCrunch Yogurt 2/ $4
Coupon for $.50 (doubled to $1) off 1
Total for 1 pack $2-$1 = $1

Weight Watchers Yogurt 8/$6
Coupon for $1 off 5 (doubled to $2)
Total paid for 5 yogurts = $3.75-$2 =$1.75
Total paid per yogurt= $.35

Snack Pack Pudding 5/$5
Coupon for $.60 (doubled) off 3
Total for 3 Snack Packs= $3-$1.20= $1.80
Total paid per Snack Pack= $.60

Martha White Coffee Cake Mix $1.99 each
Coupons for $.55 each (doubled to $1.10)
Total paid for 3 boxes= $5.97- $3.30= $2.67
Total paid per box= $.89

Martha White Muffin Mix $1.15 each
Coupons for $.55 (doubled to $1.10) off 2
Total paid for 4 muffin mixes= $4.60- $2.20= $2.40 for 4
Total paid per mix= $.60

Ziploc Bags (sandwich size) 2/$5
Coupon for $1.25(doubled) off 2
Total paid for 2 boxes= $5-$2.50
Total paid per box= $1.25

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich's $3.99 (on sale)
Coupon for $1 off (doubled)
Total paid= $1.99 (really good deal for those)

Chicken breasts (boneless, skinless) Buy 1 get 2 free...I of course grabbed this deal up because we love chicken.

Whole Pork Sirloin Roasts Buy One Get One Free...we got 2.

Obviously there were some extras thrown in there but overall it was a good trip and we are very well stocked until next time.


  1. How do you know when HT does the double/triple coupons? Will they only double up to a $1.00 coupon?

  2. I usually find out a day or two in advance from the Southern Savers website. On a regualr basis they double them up to $.98 I believe but on super double couons they double up to $1.98. I love super double coupons and they also do triple coupons sometimes.