Sunday, January 30, 2011

Menu 2/1/11- 2/15/11

2/1- Grilled pork chops with scalloped potato's and green beans
2/2- Beef roast with potato's and carrots with salad and bread
2/3- Leftovers
2/4- Baked cod with mashed potato's and broccoli
2/5- Grilled chicken, cheesy broccoli and rice with salad
2/6- Rotisserie pork roast, spicy rice and mixed veggies
2/7- Beef burritos with salad
2/8- Waffles with yogurt and fruit
2/9- Leftovers
2/10-Sandwich's with chips and apple slices
2/11-Chicken nuggets, french fries and pears
2/12-Salmon salad with bread
2/13- Breakfast bake with orange slices
2/14- Still deciding on a Valentines Dinner and am watching the sales to see if anything good goes on sale
2/15- Turkey/chicken wraps with apples

On a positive note, all of the meals above are planned around items that are already in our freezer and pantry.  The only purchases that I need to make for any of the meals will be perishables such as fruit and veggies, milk and eggs.  Yay!  I love when we are fully stocked and I can plan two weeks worth of meals off of what we already have.  Hopefully during this time there will be a good sale or two and I can stock up again.

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