Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Menu: January 1- 15th

Here's the first half of our January menu.

1- Out of town
2- Out of town
3- Leftovers
4- Grilled ckn w/ mashed potato's and green beans
5- Leftover roast over rice w/ mixed veggies
6- Warm sandwich's with fruit
7- Grilled pork chops, roasted sweet potato's/baking potato's and salad
8- Spicy ckn sandwich's w/ carrot/cucumber sticks
9- Pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes w/ turkey bacon and fruit
10- Shrimp with angel hair herb pasta and broccoli
11- Baked cod w/ steamed veggies and salad
12- Mandarin ckn salad
13- Leftovers
14- Ckn/turkey wraps w/ fruit
15-  Cheeseburger pie with salad

What can I say, we like chicken and have tons of it right now.

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