Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Walgreen's 1/4/2011

So I got a text from the hubby yesterday letting me know that his store had bacon on clearance for $.50 per pack.  They were trying to sell it because it is getting close to the best by/expiration date.  He wanted to know how much, if any, I wanted him to get.  I told him to get as much as he wanted. 

Oscar Meyer Bacon $.50 each with employee discount= $4.32 for 10 packs!!!!  We got 10 pack of bacon for $4.32.  Generally packs of bacon are at least $3 each, sometimes they are only that price when they are on sale.  No, we don't eat bacon daily but we put all of the bacon in our chest freezer and can pull out a pack at a time.  We will have bacon for months and we usually split the packs, so one pack lasts two meals.  That means that we ended up paying approximately $0.22 for each meals worth of bacon or about $.07 per person for bacon at a meal.

Don't be afraid to stock up on a good deal.  In my experience meat is fine as long as it's been frozen before the best by date.  Go with your gut.  I have seen meat in the discounted section before that looked a little off and wouldn't touch it and other times I grab it up.  It really is a preference thing.  If your still a little skeptical ask someone in the meat department of your grocery store.  We don't mind purchasing items that are close to their best by date or expiration date as long as we know that we will either be able to use it before it goes bad or freeze it to use at a later date.  However, I know that everyone is different and not everyone would be ok eating meat that is reduced due to it's date.  It was just my opinion on the matter and our personal experiences.

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