Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walmart 1/11/11

Since the winter weather nixed my plans to make a second trip to Harris Teeter this week we were getting very low on a few essentials.  Now I can do without milk and juice but I know that little man would be upset.  My parents decided to venture out in the snow/ice and called to see if we wanted to ride along.  They were heading to Wal Mart for a few things so we jumped on the opportunity to grab a few things.  I decided to make this our weekly grocery trip because I try not to have visits too close together because I've found that if I don't remember the item or didn't have it on my list in the first place I can do without it until next time. 

1.5 dozen eggs
two bunches bananas
Romaine lettuce
organic carrots
2 containers of apple juice (128 oz. bottles)
gallon of milk
2 liter of diet soda (2)
yogurt smoothies (12 pack)
individual ice cream (the tiniest I have ever seen- picked out by little man)
1 grapefruit (picked out by little man)
vegetable peeler
store brand turkey lunch meat

That was really all we needed and a few extras. 

Total Today= $31.09
Total for January @ Grocery Stores= $125.28

The total for the month is higher than I would like it to be but it includes a grocery trip where the food purchased was intended to feed 10 people (while we were with friends for New Years) and our larger trip to Harris Teeter for Super Doubles (does not include the portion I paid in cash at HT because that was money left from a previous month/extra that was not factored into the budget).  Keeping with my $40 a week average that means I have $34.72 left for the month or $17.36 per week since there are about two shopping weeks left.  I think that will be doable since we have plenty of food.  The next two weeks we will be mainly buying milk, eggs, and produce.  We have everything else already. 

I think that it helps that we don't buy many snack foods and baked good.  I am making bread today, I get two loaves from a batch so that will last about a week depending on how many sandwich's we make and what we have for breakfast.  I also have half a can of pumpkin puree left from our pumpkin pancakes and my mom shared some of her frozen blueberries left from what we picked this past summer (we had already eaten all of ours) so I intend to use it to make blueberry pumpkin muffins.  Little man LOVES muffins and I haven't made any lately so he will probably gobble them up.  I also came across a recipe for homemade pita pockets that I am dying to try out. 


  1. Do you get your recipes from any certain website? I am trying to strive to be a great cook by the time my hubby gets back in May :)

  2. To start off I would suggest checking out There are recipes for all kinds of meals and a lot of them aren't too hard and it will get you started. I've also used too. Those were the sites I used regularly when really starting to cook a lot and menu plan.

  3. We also use, it has this really cool gadget on it that allows you to enter the ingredients you have in your home and it will create all sorts of recipe ideas for you. It is soooooo cool! I love it because it serves 2 purposes. 1) It allows me to menu plan based on what I have in my cupboards in addition to what is on sale that I intend to buy from the grocery store. 2) It gives lots of new ideas from simple menus to difficult ones! :D

  4. Kassandra- I'll have to check that site out next time I'm at a loss for the menu plan. Hopefully I will find some new favorites.