Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu 3/1/11- 3/15/11

It's that time again.  I guess it's a good thing I can't sleep tonight. 

3/1- Waffles, yogurt and fruit
3/2- Chicken, spinach and portabello pizza
3/3- "Gourmet" burgers with salad and fries
3/4- Cheesy pasta and veggies
3/5- Out of Town (boys on their own)
3/6- Chicken and pastry with salad
3/7- Leftovers
3/8- Chicken and broccoli pie
3/9- French toast with fruit and bacon
3/10- Lemon pepper fish with cheesy broccoli and rice
3/11- Wraps with fruit
3/12- Cheeseburger pie with salad
3/13- Leftovers
3/14- Salad night
3/15- Ribs with mixed veggies and macaroni and cheese

So I know there are some repeats from the last few weeks but they were meals that kept getting skipped for one reason or another.  Ugh I feel like we are eating the same things over and over.  I need to take a look back at some older menus and look for new recipes. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Redbox Groupon

Speaking of cheap fun.......there's a Groupon for 3 Redbox rentals for $1!  I already grabbed one.  It will make for a cheap date night, girl's night in, of a family movie night.  Any of the above.  I amy just do all 3!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Target and Free Fun

I don't know if anyone else took part in the Dr. Seuss Story Time at Target stores today but I took little man and was pleasantly surprised.  In last weekends Target flier I noticed the tiny ad for this story time.  The ad mentioned gift bags and coupons as well.  We arrived about an hour after the start time which happened to be during a break.  There were staff member on site making puppets with the kids and after a few minutes they came around and handed out gift bags (which were pretty good for a free event; they were in a cloth reusable target bag and had a juice box, goldfish type crackers, fruit snacks, stickers, book mark trivia type cards and coupons).  The icing on the cake was that they had a staff member dress up in a Cat in the Hat costume.  All in all, it was a great outing.  Little man had fun, heard a story, and got a few goodies for free.  It only took a little time out of the day.  The store also had all Dr. Seuss books on sale for $5 each.  Not a bad deal when they are normally around $8 each.

Another added bonus, while we were already there I couldn't resist walking around and seeing what I could find.  If you are in the market for some cosmetics or soaps/lotions I would go to your local Target.  I'm sure that the items placed on clearance are different at each store but I was really surprised by how much I found today.  I seriously held back because I really wanted to buy more but didn't.  Here is what I ended up buying that was on clearance.

Ok, I saw the make-up removing wipes and I am terrible about taking my make-up off and washing my face at night.  Having this type of product helps, so does using mineral make-up (at least that's what I keep telling myself, it has to be better for my skin then other types.....right?).  It wasn't until I got home that I got curious and peeled off the tags to see what brand and was surprised to see that it's Physicians Formula, not the most expensive brand out there but I have to say I consider it one of the more high end drugstore brands.

Also clearanced were several different brands and types of make-up, several body washes, lotions and I even saw Crest 3D White Strips with three 3D white gifts for free marked at $37.38; if you have a coupon (I know there are some $10 ones floating around out there) then that's a really good deal.  I have to remember to start taking my coupons with me every time I go to Target.  I was kicking myself when I saw some of the cosmetics because I knew that I had coupons for some of the brands that were on clearance for $1-2 which would have made them either free or less than $1.

Next time your in Target don't forget to take a quick stroll and see what you can find on clearance.  Oh and don't forget your

Friday, February 25, 2011

Harris Teeter 2/21/11

I've been working on this post for a few days.  When I went back to Harris Teeter for my second trip I did purchase some of the same deals as the first time so I won't bore you with reposting those. 

Nutella $3.99
I found a coupon for $1 off one here that would double
Total = $1.99 (not bad for Nutella)

Purex Detergent $4.75 on sale
Coupon for $1
Total = $2.75 (I did the math and it comes out to about $.09 per load if you use the full amount which I don't so it's actually a little cheaper)

Crystal Light B1G1 @ 3.99 for two
Coupon for $1 off 2
Total = $1.99 for two or about $.99 each

HT Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast B1G1
Paid $10.45 or $5.22 each
**The chicken breasts are very large and one will feed both the hubby and I so we split the packs into 5 different packs (I left one larger for when I make chicken and pastry; which actually lasts several meals) making the cost per meal about $2.09.

Kraft Singles 2/$4
2 coupons for $.55 off 1
Total = $ 1.80 for two or $.90 each

Oscar Meyer Ham and Turkey Sub Kit $9.19
Special e-VIC price $5
Coupon for $1
Total $3 (It worked out to be an amazing deal)

Smart Balance Milk $3.89 ($7.78 for 2)
2 coupons for $1.50 off
Total = $1.78 for two or $.89 each

I also purchased more of the Danactive smoothies, fruit snacks, salad dressing, and ribs along with a few items that we realized we needed.

Total spent $72.91
Total VIC savings this order $44.12
Total coupons tendered $82.82

Now we are fully stocked again.  I know that it seems silly to buy so much within a week but by doing this and getting items that we like and use regularly at super low prices we save money in the long run by not running out and having to purchase items at full price.  For the next several weeks all I will need to purchase are fresh fruits/veggies, milk, juice and items like that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shopping Sales: Beginning of the Sale Vs. End of Sale

This week for the first time I was at Harris Teeter when the new sales week started, which included super double coupons.  In the past, when there is a good sale or super double or triple coupons I will get the ad on Wednesday when it comes out and then start planning our sale.  This usually results in a shopping trip later in the sales week.  I usually sit down with the ad and my coupons.  This method has worked fine but I wanted to try out being there when the sale begins, having a very specific game plan and the exact 20 coupons I planned to use already mapped out.

Wednesday when I arrived at our local Harris Teeter at 7:00 am it wasn't very crowded but there was the typical before work rush.  Since I had my list from the Southern Savers site and already knew exactly what coupons I was using and came armed with a list of items that I wanted to check prices of since I have high value coupons.  There are definitely advantage and disadvantages.

Advantages of Shopping Early

1. Less crowded.  Being at the store at 7:00 am, the only other people I saw there were those running into the store before work and then other major couponers.

2. The major sale items, mainly those that end up free after coupons, were still in stock.

3. Couponers can be helpful.  I helped another shopper who was also stocking up on yogurt by pointing out that some of them had expiration dates that were the next day and to be careful.  While shopping another couponer offered her advice on which product on sale was the best buy with the coupon.

Disadvantages to Shopping Early

1. New sales tags aren't up yet.  I don't know if it was just our store or if all stores are like this but when I arrived and began shopping the sales tags for this week were not up.  Employees were in the process of putting them up on several aisles but for the most part I had to stick to my list from the Southern Savers site and the actual sales ad that I picked up on my way in.

2. Some items for the current sale have not been stocked yet.  Ex: This week I wanted to purchase the chicken breasts that are B1G1.  There was a sign up but no chicken.  I asked an employee in the meat department if they were already out of chicken and was informed that they do not currently have any because it's on their delivery truck for that day and the truck has not arrived yet.

3. Extreme couponers can be SCARY.  As I went down one aisle I came across a group of 5 women standing together mapping out their attack.  They were talking and I went about my business and got my items.  The entire time I could feel them watching me, like I was a spy.  Then as I passed by one of the women eyed my cart and the items in it like she was a hunter.  The message I got from her expression and the way she eyed my items was: what is she buying that we should be buying and she better not have all of the (insert sale item here)!

And for the second the end of the sale.  I went back to Harris Teeter on Monday around 10 am for one last trip.

Advantages to Shopping Late

1. The store wasn't filled with avid couponers.  There were other people there shopping but there were a lot more just regular shoppers which meant less competition for the free or super cheap items that were left.

2. I had the opportunity between my first visit and planning for my second visit to get another paper with coupons (sadly it was a poor, poor coupon week) and received several coupons in the mail.

3.  I had the opportunity to be much pickier about what I chose to use our coupons for.  The first trip was about getting great deals along with the things that we were actually in need of such as meat, cheese, yogurt and so on.  But having to get needed items also used some of the alloted 20 coupons that were allowed per day.  The second time I did need about 5 items but everything else was because it was a great deal and was adding to our stockpile.  1st trip = necessities; 2nd trip = extras.

4.  I was e-mailed additional e-VIC offers on Friday.  They were good ONLY Friday - Tuesday and there was the e-VIC deal that was good on Saturday only.

Disadvantages to shopping Late

1.  There were SEVERAL items that I wanted and the shelves were EMPTY!!  No good.  I could have gotten rain checks but the point of the second shopping trip was for extras entirely.  If this had been my first trip of the week I would have utilized rain checks but that would have meant having to miss out on the Super Double portion unless the coupon was for less than $.99 and it will be doubled everyday.

2.  Everything was picked over.  Certain items were still on the shelf but only in specific varieties which were not necessarily the varieties of that product that we like.

Based on these observations from shopping both ends of the sale I have to say that from here on out I will probably go at both ends of the sale.  The beginning, somewhat crowded and possibly not yet stocked has far more benefits than shopping at the end for me.  However, the end of the sale has it's own perks, such as the special e-VIC sales that were e-mailed to me and only good for certain days at the end of the sale.  Honestly, I think it really depends on what you need and are looking for.  Personally, for us, I will shop the beginning of the sale and then if the e-mailed sales are good plan another trip back, or if the sale is that great then I will make two trips.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Indoor Camping

I've written about inexpensive ways to have fun and activities that can be done for little money with kids.  We try to do extra activities with little man as a family when we can.  We try to keep our "entertainment" expenses to a minimum but still have fun.  We rent movies, go to the park, play games, go to the local children's museum and visit other museums in the area that have free admission.  Well we decided to do indoor camping with little man this past week.  We've gone camping with him once before but it was before his first birthday so I know he doesn't remember it but he loves forts and tents.  We build pillow forts regularly.

Thursday afternoon we pulled out our big tent and set it up in the garage.  It barely fit but would be workable.  We set up an air mattress and small mattress pad for little man.  We took blankets and pillows in and just played.  Little man had so much fun.

Since we were having very warm weather we decided we would give it a go at sleeping in the tent, in the garage that is.  LOL  So after dinner the hubby and little man went out to the garage and the hubby set up the projector  and laptop and the boys watched Cars using the projector and the wall as the screen.  They had popcorn and soda while I made congo bars.  Once they were done we all watched the movie in the tent and ate our bars.  Then we all slept in the tent. 

It was not very comfortable, I was freezing, my body hurt the next day and I barely slept.  But it was worth it because it made little man so happy.  He talked about it all day the next day and kept wanting to go to the garage and play in the tent.  To him it was this huge, really cool night where he got to sleep in the tent with mommy and daddy.  And it cost nothing.  We had the tent, we had the projector and movie, and we had all the food.  The only thing we "lost" was time and I don't consider it a loss at all.  We have even talked about camping in the back yard this summer when the weather is better and using a sheet as the screen and the projector to watch movies outside.   

Have you done anything fun and free with the kiddo's lately? 

Stylish Blogger Awards

When I logged in this morning I found that Rachel at Young Adventures chose me as one of 15 to award this the Stylish Blogger to.  Thanks Rachel!  I was definitely surprised.

On to the first part.  I have to share 7 things about myself.

1.  My son is my favorite boy in the whole wide world and I tell him that daily.

2.  I love cookbooks.  I have quite a few and have recently ordered more from Barnes and Noble.  I also receive them quite often as gifts.

3.  I think it's fun to save money.  I don't like paying full price for something that I know I can get for less if I wait or have a coupon.  I'm probably one of the few women that doesn't like shopping.  Don't get me wrong, I like to go and look but I don't always buy something. 

4.  I met my husband Sophomore year of college.  We were married during our Senior year of college.  Yep, I got married while still in school.  I must be nuts.  LOL 

5.  Since I was a teenager in the 90's I REALLY, REALLY had a thing for Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.  Which I probably why I'm going to see Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block in concert this summer with two of my cousins and hopefully my sister.....if we can talk her into it.

6. I love to read.  I could sit and read for hours if given the opportunity.

7.  My favorite color is green.  

Now, onto the next part.  I get to pass this on to 15 of the bloggers that I enjoy and look forward to reading.

1. Balancing Beauty and Bedlam- I LOVE this blog.  It has a little bit of everything from frugal fashions, shopping at thrift stores and yard sales, recipes, and frugal grocery shopping.

2. Type B Mom Stays at Home- This is Courtney's hilarious take on everyday life.  I can always count on a good chuckle when reading her posts.

3. Penniless Parenting- I recently found this blog and find it really interesting.  Would I have ever thought to forage for edible plants...nope, but she did.

4.360 Lunch Boxes- I love seeing what finds it's way into the lunch boxes each day.  I get inspiration for healthy snacks and lunches for little man here.

5.  The Randomness that is My Life- My dear friend from college Jessica has a unique take and an opinion on everything.  She recently started a blog and while there haven't been many posts (hint, hint) when she does I am usually very amused. 

6.  The Finer Things in Life- I recently came across this blog.  It's filled with everyday life and recipes.

7.  Budgeting Mommy- Kassandra over at Budgeting Mommy has lots of great info on saving money.  She has recently been building a stockpile based on sales.  There's a little bit of everything in there from shopping and menu plans to frugal fashion finds.

8.  My Frugal Fun Life- I came across Sara's blog in my All You magazine a while back.  She is working on leading a more frugal and debt free life. 

9.  A Year of Slow Cooking- This site has hundreds of crock pot recipes.  I think she could probably take any recipe and turn it into one that could be used in the crock pot.  Try the Pumpkin Spice Latte.....yum.

10.  All About the Munsons- This is my friend Darlene's blog about everyday life with her family.

11.  Life from Scratch- I love Mary's healthy meals and glimpses into everyday life.

12.  Stay at Home Mom Plans- I love getting ideas on fun activities for me and little man from here.

13.  The Happy Housewife- A little bit of everything here from frugal living and recipes to information on homeschooling.

14.  The Frugal Girls- There's so much information that I get from this blog.  Great money saving tips and ideas.

15.  The Sisters Cafe- This blog has amazing recipes.  It makes me hungry whenever I look at it. 

Here are the rules for accepting the award.  Thank and link back to the person (or people) who awarded you this award.  Share 7 things about yourself.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.  Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Menu 2/16-2/28

My menu update is late again.  Because we were low on meat I wanted to wait until after the ad came out for super doubles because I was hoping there would be good meat deals.  Now that we are stocked up on meat again I've been able to go through and plan the rest.

2/16- Turkey, spinach wrap 
2/17- Ribs with macaroni 
2/18-Grilled portabello sandwich's with baked potato
2/19- Birthday Celebration
2/20- Grilled pork chops with rice and steamed veggies
2/21- Kielbasa, mashed potato's and broccoli
2/22- Crock pot beef stew (celery, carrots, potato's, stew meat) with biscuits
2/23-Chicken and pastry with salad
2/24- Leftovers
2/25- Cheeseburger pie with french fries and salad
2/26- Chicken and broccoli pie with steamed veggies
2/27- French toast with bacon and fruit
2/28- Gourmet burgers with salad

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coupon Conversation with a 3 Year Old

On Tuesday as I prepared for super double coupons I was sitting on the couch going through my coupons and weeding out the expired coupons.  Little man snuggled up next to me and asked what I was doing and this is the conversation that followed.

Little man: Mommy, what are you doing?
Me: Cleaning out my coupons.
Little man: Are they tickets?
Me: They aren't tickets they help mommy and daddy save money.
Little man: So they are monies....
Me: They are like money because they help mommy and daddy spend less money on certain things.
Little man: Can I have one?
Me: Sure.
Little man: Thanks mommy.

A few minutes pass and little man has been proudly walking around carrying his coupon.  He has gotten a cloth bag and put some toys in it and tells me that he's putting his coupon in there to keep it safe. Then little man brings the coupon back to me and says, "Mommy, will you hold my coupon for me?  I'll get my monies later."

Well, I guess he got the gist of it.  He at least realizes that coupons in some sense equal money.  I'll have him helping me with coupons in the store by the time he's 5.  : ) 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Doubles 2/16/11

What did I do today?  I got up at 6:15 a.m., voluntarily I might add, to try to be at Harris Teeter around 7:00 am when the super doubles sale began.  This is the first time that I have ever tried to be there when the sale starts.  Why did I do this?  Because yesterday afternoon when the preview of the ad was released on Southern Savers it was a really good ad.  The usual deals were on there and then some.  I sat down with my printed list and coupons after little man went to bed and got today's trip mapped out.  Yes I said today's trip.  Since I have so many coupons right now I plan to stock up on a few of the staple items that we like, such as yogurt, rice, salsa, and cheese and a few of the items that we wouldn't necessarily get unless they were on sale, like Pepsi products (buy 2 get 3 free), salad dressing, muffin mix, and ice cream.

A little boy was super excited when I came home with Scooby Doo fruit snacks so I didn't get a chance to take a picture before everything was put away.  Here are some of the great deals I snagged today.

Pepsi- 5 2-Liter bottles B2G3
Ended up being about $.76 each
Rang up at $1.89 each and 3 were subtracted

Harris Teeter Shredded Cheeses B1g1
Ended up being $2.65/2 or $1.33 each

Angus Boneless Chuck Roast B1G1
Paid $11.20 for 2 or approximately $ 5.60 each
** We cut each roast in half and will get 4 meals from this deal making the roast per meal cost about $2.80

Lean Stew Meat B1G1
Paid approximatley $5.10/ pack
**We split each pack of stew meat into 3 smaller packs meaning that we will get 6 meals from this purchase.  That makes the price per meal for this meat approximately $1.70.

Baby Back Ribs B1G1
Paid about $10.30/pack
** This is going to be 2 meals for us since we only cook one pack at a time.  Ribs are a more expensive thing to buy but we only buy them when they are on sale and making them ouselves it still works out to be cheaper than a rib meal if we were to go out to eat.

Ken's Salad Dressing $3.98 for 2
Coupon for $1 off 2 (doubled)
Paid: $1.98/2 or $.99 each

Chi Chi's Salsa B1G1
Purchased 1 @ $1.49 and used coupon for $.50 off 1
Paid $.49

Krusteaz Muffin Mix B1G1
Purchased 1 @ $1.49 and used coupon for $.50 off 1
Paid $.49

Danimals Smoothie Drinks 2/$4
Bought 2 for $4 and used 2 $.50 off 1 coupons
Paid $2 for 2 or $1 each

Activia Yougurt Desserts 2/$4
Bought 2 for $4 and used 2 $1 off 1 coupons

Danactive Drinks 2/$4
Bought 2 for $4 and used 2 $1 off 1 coupons

Oscar Meyer Lunchmeat 2/$5
Bought 2 for $5 and used 2 $1 off 1 coupons
Paid $.50/pack

Green Giant Frozen Veggies 10/$10
Bought 2 for $2 and used a $.50 on 2 coupon
Paid $1 for both

Uncle Bens's Boil in Bag Rice $2
Bought 2 and used 2 $1 off 1 coupons

General Mills Milk and Cereal Bars $2.00
Bought 1 @ $2.00 and used coupon for $.50 off 1
Paid $1

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2
Bought 2 boxes @ $4 and used $.50 on 2
Paid $3 or $1.50/box (not the best deal but little man LOVES them, he jumped up and down when I handed him a box)

Total Spent $122.78
Coupons Tendered this order $105.38
Total VIC savings this order $73.71

I purchased fresh items as well and other items that we needed but were not on sale.  I also found a package of reduced bonelss pork chops for $8.58 for 8 chops.  Not a bad deal and we were all out.  As you can see we needed meat.  There is also chicken breast on sale which I fully intend to stock up on, however they did not have them in yet as the truck delivering them had not arrived when I was there.  I'm glad that there were finally decent sales on meat because we were getting very low and I try not to buy meat unless it's a good deal.  I have been known to be completely out of a specific type of meat for a couple of weeks waiting on a sale that I like.  We won't go without meat all together but just certain things.  I really don't like paying full price. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Walgreen's 2/12/11

So the hubby took advantage of the last day of the sale from last week. ( I meant to finish this post a few days ago)

All of the above pictured items were on sale and we had coupons.

Kellogg's cereals were on sale for $1.88 and we had 2 $1 off 2 coupons making them $1.38 before discount; with discount we paid $1.10 per box.  Like I've sad before, we try to buy cereal for $1 or less and that came pretty darn close.

Pop Tarts were also on sale for $1.88/ box before discount and we had coupons.  Little man and the hubby LOVE pop tarts so we stocked up.

The lotion was not as great a deal as I hoped.  It was buy one get one 1/2 off.  I had 2 coupons for$1.50 off one.  They came out to be $6.79 each with discount but before sale price.  After the sale it was $10.18 for two and then after the coupons it was $7.18 for two or $3.59 each.  Not the best deal but by far better than paying full price.

Then we hit the jackpot.  There were wraps going on clearance for $.50/pack because they were about to go out of date.  The hubby grabbed 7 packs.  We use them in place of tortillas and for sandwich wraps.  They are stored in the freezer now and we will pull out and thaw only what we need.  We've done this in the past and it works out great.

Total paid for all items pictured, plus a 12 pack of Scott toilet paper $34.83.
Total saved between employee discount, Walgreen's sales and coupons $ 47.28

It makes me so happy when we save more than we spend.  It's the little things.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day!

So today has been a success, with the exception of a sugar induced meltdown earlier.  I've been really relaxed today with what I let little man eat.  We have lots of treats and he has definitely helped himself.  Right now he is cut off until dessert after dinner.

I was woken up to little man saying, "Mommy, what's all that stuff in the kitchen?"  After we got up and I explained that it was Valentines Day he said, "I love it!" "I'm so excited!"  Here was breakfast.

The chocolate covered cake hearts I made last night.

Cakes that I made for dessert that I cut out in different sized heart cookie cutters, stacked and frosted with homemade cream cheese icing.

So after cutting out all of those shapes I had cake pieces and frosting left.

So I mixed them together.  I know, I know.  But it was cake pieces and frosting.  How bad could it be?  It tastes fine, but I guess the color had me convinced that it should taste fruity.  So I mixed in a box of orange Jello.  Now it tastes fruit.  I divided it up into little bowls and have it in the fridge.  I'm sure it will thicken up when the frosting gets cold.  If the boys won't eat it I will.  I couldn't think of anything better to do with the cake pieces and frosting. 

Now its off to prep dinner.  The hubby and I finally decided on roast, carrots and potato's in the cast iron pot.  Yum. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have a secret......

I have been planning a Valentines surprise for little man.  Since he is not currently in daycare or preschool I thought it would be fun to have a celebration on Valentines Day.  I made a quick trip to Dollar Tree yesterday and picked up a red plastic table cloth, some Valentines themed cups, some balloons, red garland with hearts, Disney themed Valentines reusable stickers, and some candy treats.  I spent less than $20 and also picked up a Cars themed jump rope and some of the capsules that you soak in water and they become shapes.  There are a lot of Valentines treats that he can't have with his peanut allergy so I wanted to get a few other fun things for him.  So, once little man went to sleep I decorated the kitchen.  I am also in the process of making little heart shaped cakes from a box mix.  I'm going to make the cake in a pan that is larger than necessary and use heart cookie cutters.  I really hope that they turn out.

That is what he will find when he gets up in the morning.

Yes, I made hats.  I also found tiny balloons at Dollar Tree.  They came in a pack of 4.  It's flat and can be given as a Valentine and you punch it and then shake and it inflates into a balloon with a message on it.  I blew up two of them tonight and thought little man might want to do one so saved the others. 

And this is what they look like after all the hitting and shaking.

I will also be making red/pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and have a heart hunt planned as well as making a few Valentines.  I hope that it's a fun day for him.

Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Progresso Soup at Walgreens

This week they have Progresso Soup on sale.  The ad has a store coupon that makes them 4/$5.  Add in manufacturers coupons and you have a great deal.  I had 2 manufacturers coupons for $1 off 4. 

Here is what our receipt looks like (well altered mildly because I typed soup instead of the specific types of soup).

Soup $2.37
Soup $2.71
Soup $2.39
Soup $2.55
Soup $2.37
Soup $2.55
Soup $1.69
Soup $1.69

MFG Coupon -$1.00
MFG Coupon -$1.00
Prog N/E C/Chw18.5 8 -$4.00
Prog N/E C/Chw18.5 8B -$9.84 WAGC

Total= $2.65
Total Discount $ 3.24
Total Savings b/t Walgreen's and Manufacturers coupons $15.84

That made each can of soup $.33.  Without the employee discount the total would have been $5.89 (give or take a little for tax) making each can approximately $.74.  Sill an amazing deal since they are normally over $2 a can. 

It seems a little silly but little man loves soup and was so excited about all of the new cans of soup daddy brought home.  We are very lucky because he is one of those kids that will get excited over very small things.  It can be as simple as bringing him the juice he likes home from the grocery store, picking out a movie at the library or a can of soup. 

There are a couple of other items that will be good deals after coupons like Kellogg's cereals and Pop Tarts.  We are planning to pick up some of those as well as check out the Lubriderm lotions that are on sale.  The lotion is B1G1  and I have two manufacturers coupons for $1.50.  I'll post more after that purchase is actually made. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Dance Time

You know what that means....SUPER DOUBLE COUPONS at Harris Teeter!  I saw a post through Southern Savers last night that next week(starting Wednesday)  will be super doubles.  I think I am more excited this time because my MIL has been giving us her coupon inserts this past month.  I have a ridiculous amount of coupons right now.  The next few days will be spent cleaning out my coupon book and getting things a little more organized than normal.  I also expect that since I have extra coupons I may make more than one trip this time.  I usually only go once during Super Doubles but I have a feeling that there will be at least 2 trips in my future for next week.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Thrift/Consignment Store Purchases

OK, so I love reading frugal fashionista posts.  After discovering the site I started taking notice to all of the consignment and thrift stores in our area.  I have checked several out a few times but never found anything I wanted to purchase.  Yesterday I went to two different consignment stores.  The first was one that I eyed for a while and just never made it in to.  While browsing I came across a really cute top.  I wasn't convinced though because the consignment price was $20.  I mean, I could go to a store and buy a new top for $20 but after taking a closer look at the shirt and the material I knew that in a regular store this top would have probably been closer to $40.  I figured I would at least try it on, assuming that it wouldn't fit or I wouldn't like the way it looked.  I was wrong.  It fit well and I really liked it.  I was still on the fence but remembered that I have a couple of things coming up and it would be nice to have a cute top to wear.  So here's my first ever consignment purchase. 

I did attempt to look the brand up to get an idea of how much it would have been but was not able to find this specific top.  However the few shirts I found with that brand ranged from $43-$98. 

Now on to my second consignment shop.  I've been into Once Upon a Child multiple times but have never really purchased anything.  Up until recently the majority of little man's clothing was in the form of hand me downs from his cousin.  Unfortunately, little man has caught up in size and after two growth spurts back to back and growing about 1-2 inches total between the two, in the course of about 1 month, his pants have suddenly become too short.  I checked at a department store and at 50% off one pair of jeans was still between $13 and $15.  I'm sorry but for a 3 year old who plays rough and with there only being a couple of months of cold weather left I couldn't justify it.  So I went to Once Upon a Child and wouldn't you know for about $12 I got not only one pair of athletic pants but an entire wind suit with the original tags still attached.  I'm much happier with that price. 

I'm hoping that int he future I will be able to get even better deals but I'm new at this so it will take some time to get the hang of things and know when and where to look.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Update

Now that January is over I've gone back through and looked at our total for January from the grocery store.  Now, this includes ONLY trips to the grocery store and not purchases made for eating out or at drugstores.

Drum roll please.......and the total is $185.24!!! 

I feel like we have really gotten our grocery budget in check and are doing well.  However, we really have to work on eating out and our drugstore purchases.  The drugstore purchases will probably be the hardest since the hubby works for one and sometimes purchases snacks or picks up items that have gone on clearance.  As for eating out, we don't go out very often but will pick up fast food here and there.  So if we can cut down on that and get back to our drugstore budget and stick to it then we will be much better but overall not bad.