Friday, February 25, 2011

Harris Teeter 2/21/11

I've been working on this post for a few days.  When I went back to Harris Teeter for my second trip I did purchase some of the same deals as the first time so I won't bore you with reposting those. 

Nutella $3.99
I found a coupon for $1 off one here that would double
Total = $1.99 (not bad for Nutella)

Purex Detergent $4.75 on sale
Coupon for $1
Total = $2.75 (I did the math and it comes out to about $.09 per load if you use the full amount which I don't so it's actually a little cheaper)

Crystal Light B1G1 @ 3.99 for two
Coupon for $1 off 2
Total = $1.99 for two or about $.99 each

HT Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast B1G1
Paid $10.45 or $5.22 each
**The chicken breasts are very large and one will feed both the hubby and I so we split the packs into 5 different packs (I left one larger for when I make chicken and pastry; which actually lasts several meals) making the cost per meal about $2.09.

Kraft Singles 2/$4
2 coupons for $.55 off 1
Total = $ 1.80 for two or $.90 each

Oscar Meyer Ham and Turkey Sub Kit $9.19
Special e-VIC price $5
Coupon for $1
Total $3 (It worked out to be an amazing deal)

Smart Balance Milk $3.89 ($7.78 for 2)
2 coupons for $1.50 off
Total = $1.78 for two or $.89 each

I also purchased more of the Danactive smoothies, fruit snacks, salad dressing, and ribs along with a few items that we realized we needed.

Total spent $72.91
Total VIC savings this order $44.12
Total coupons tendered $82.82

Now we are fully stocked again.  I know that it seems silly to buy so much within a week but by doing this and getting items that we like and use regularly at super low prices we save money in the long run by not running out and having to purchase items at full price.  For the next several weeks all I will need to purchase are fresh fruits/veggies, milk, juice and items like that.


  1. Great job Amanda! I will have to check out the nutella coupon. That is an item we use regularly, and it is rarely on sale/coupons. I did get twp large jars from Costco a while back with a coupon and that was a good deal, but we are running low.

  2. Thanks! I was really excited to see the Nutella coupon too. It's definitely not one that I see very often.