Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Indoor Camping

I've written about inexpensive ways to have fun and activities that can be done for little money with kids.  We try to do extra activities with little man as a family when we can.  We try to keep our "entertainment" expenses to a minimum but still have fun.  We rent movies, go to the park, play games, go to the local children's museum and visit other museums in the area that have free admission.  Well we decided to do indoor camping with little man this past week.  We've gone camping with him once before but it was before his first birthday so I know he doesn't remember it but he loves forts and tents.  We build pillow forts regularly.

Thursday afternoon we pulled out our big tent and set it up in the garage.  It barely fit but would be workable.  We set up an air mattress and small mattress pad for little man.  We took blankets and pillows in and just played.  Little man had so much fun.

Since we were having very warm weather we decided we would give it a go at sleeping in the tent, in the garage that is.  LOL  So after dinner the hubby and little man went out to the garage and the hubby set up the projector  and laptop and the boys watched Cars using the projector and the wall as the screen.  They had popcorn and soda while I made congo bars.  Once they were done we all watched the movie in the tent and ate our bars.  Then we all slept in the tent. 

It was not very comfortable, I was freezing, my body hurt the next day and I barely slept.  But it was worth it because it made little man so happy.  He talked about it all day the next day and kept wanting to go to the garage and play in the tent.  To him it was this huge, really cool night where he got to sleep in the tent with mommy and daddy.  And it cost nothing.  We had the tent, we had the projector and movie, and we had all the food.  The only thing we "lost" was time and I don't consider it a loss at all.  We have even talked about camping in the back yard this summer when the weather is better and using a sheet as the screen and the projector to watch movies outside.   

Have you done anything fun and free with the kiddo's lately? 


  1. That's a very cute idea! :-) Sounds like little man had a great time. And it was free!

  2. I hate camping- but I love this idea. We don't own a tent but I think the kids would all love "camping" out in the family room one night on the floor with the fireplace on. :)