Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Update

Now that January is over I've gone back through and looked at our total for January from the grocery store.  Now, this includes ONLY trips to the grocery store and not purchases made for eating out or at drugstores.

Drum roll please.......and the total is $185.24!!! 

I feel like we have really gotten our grocery budget in check and are doing well.  However, we really have to work on eating out and our drugstore purchases.  The drugstore purchases will probably be the hardest since the hubby works for one and sometimes purchases snacks or picks up items that have gone on clearance.  As for eating out, we don't go out very often but will pick up fast food here and there.  So if we can cut down on that and get back to our drugstore budget and stick to it then we will be much better but overall not bad.

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