Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Thrift/Consignment Store Purchases

OK, so I love reading frugal fashionista posts.  After discovering the site I started taking notice to all of the consignment and thrift stores in our area.  I have checked several out a few times but never found anything I wanted to purchase.  Yesterday I went to two different consignment stores.  The first was one that I eyed for a while and just never made it in to.  While browsing I came across a really cute top.  I wasn't convinced though because the consignment price was $20.  I mean, I could go to a store and buy a new top for $20 but after taking a closer look at the shirt and the material I knew that in a regular store this top would have probably been closer to $40.  I figured I would at least try it on, assuming that it wouldn't fit or I wouldn't like the way it looked.  I was wrong.  It fit well and I really liked it.  I was still on the fence but remembered that I have a couple of things coming up and it would be nice to have a cute top to wear.  So here's my first ever consignment purchase. 

I did attempt to look the brand up to get an idea of how much it would have been but was not able to find this specific top.  However the few shirts I found with that brand ranged from $43-$98. 

Now on to my second consignment shop.  I've been into Once Upon a Child multiple times but have never really purchased anything.  Up until recently the majority of little man's clothing was in the form of hand me downs from his cousin.  Unfortunately, little man has caught up in size and after two growth spurts back to back and growing about 1-2 inches total between the two, in the course of about 1 month, his pants have suddenly become too short.  I checked at a department store and at 50% off one pair of jeans was still between $13 and $15.  I'm sorry but for a 3 year old who plays rough and with there only being a couple of months of cold weather left I couldn't justify it.  So I went to Once Upon a Child and wouldn't you know for about $12 I got not only one pair of athletic pants but an entire wind suit with the original tags still attached.  I'm much happier with that price. 

I'm hoping that int he future I will be able to get even better deals but I'm new at this so it will take some time to get the hang of things and know when and where to look.


  1. Love the top and the outfit for your son! I always take a look at Target's clearance racks. You can find great kids clothes and I have found great pieces for me. Last week I found a $10 wool sweater for myself. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks! I love Target clearance. I will walk the entire store just to see what I can find in their clearance sections. However, the past few times that I've looked at the clearance clothing in the toddler area there are no boys clothes and if there are they are all baby clothes and not toddler sizes. I may have to start checking the actual boys section....

    Great find on the sweater!