Saturday, February 26, 2011

Target and Free Fun

I don't know if anyone else took part in the Dr. Seuss Story Time at Target stores today but I took little man and was pleasantly surprised.  In last weekends Target flier I noticed the tiny ad for this story time.  The ad mentioned gift bags and coupons as well.  We arrived about an hour after the start time which happened to be during a break.  There were staff member on site making puppets with the kids and after a few minutes they came around and handed out gift bags (which were pretty good for a free event; they were in a cloth reusable target bag and had a juice box, goldfish type crackers, fruit snacks, stickers, book mark trivia type cards and coupons).  The icing on the cake was that they had a staff member dress up in a Cat in the Hat costume.  All in all, it was a great outing.  Little man had fun, heard a story, and got a few goodies for free.  It only took a little time out of the day.  The store also had all Dr. Seuss books on sale for $5 each.  Not a bad deal when they are normally around $8 each.

Another added bonus, while we were already there I couldn't resist walking around and seeing what I could find.  If you are in the market for some cosmetics or soaps/lotions I would go to your local Target.  I'm sure that the items placed on clearance are different at each store but I was really surprised by how much I found today.  I seriously held back because I really wanted to buy more but didn't.  Here is what I ended up buying that was on clearance.

Ok, I saw the make-up removing wipes and I am terrible about taking my make-up off and washing my face at night.  Having this type of product helps, so does using mineral make-up (at least that's what I keep telling myself, it has to be better for my skin then other types.....right?).  It wasn't until I got home that I got curious and peeled off the tags to see what brand and was surprised to see that it's Physicians Formula, not the most expensive brand out there but I have to say I consider it one of the more high end drugstore brands.

Also clearanced were several different brands and types of make-up, several body washes, lotions and I even saw Crest 3D White Strips with three 3D white gifts for free marked at $37.38; if you have a coupon (I know there are some $10 ones floating around out there) then that's a really good deal.  I have to remember to start taking my coupons with me every time I go to Target.  I was kicking myself when I saw some of the cosmetics because I knew that I had coupons for some of the brands that were on clearance for $1-2 which would have made them either free or less than $1.

Next time your in Target don't forget to take a quick stroll and see what you can find on clearance.  Oh and don't forget your


  1. I love Target! Whenever I am there I try to check out the clearance sections. I have gotten a lot of really good deals.

  2. I am a huge fan of Target. C'mon...put a Starbucks inside a store and I'm a happy girl. I love their $1 section too. When I started Christmas shopping last fall I always checked the Target clearance in the toy section and the arts and crafts area. I have to limit my visits though because otherwise I would want to buy too much.

  3. I am a Target clearance shopping addict. Some days I go in target to just hit up the clearance sections in each department - and since I do this so often I know exactly where to go! My finds yesterday were Pantene Curly Hair Hairspray for $2.50, it is normally $5 or more, and Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner for $2.00 also usually $4-5. There were so many other items on clearance that were good deals but I had to hold myself back. I picked up two picture frames that were sooo cute and only $2.50 each (even cheaper than my other addiction - Ross) and I decided to put them back...because they weren't necessary I just liked them.