Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Successful Instance of Making Small Changes

Tonight we planned to have french toast with bacon and fruit for dinner.  Since my waffle variation last week was such a success I thought this would be another easy meal to tweak.  When we went grocery shopping there were some really beautiful strawberries.  I decided to make stuffed french toast using the strawberries.  I used about 2 oz of cream cheese, 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and two spoon fulls of chopped up strawberries for the filling.  I used a hand mixer and blended it all together.  It reminded me of strawberry cream cheese that you would buy in the store.  Then I used more chopped up strawberries and some honey to make a strawberry sauce by simmering it on the stove.  I'm really liking the fruit sauces lately, can you tell?  

I made the french toast as normal, I did slice the bread and leave it sitting out for about an hour to dry out a bit.  Then I dipped it in the egg/milk mixture and cooked it.  Once the french toast was cooked I spread the filling on one piece and placed the other on top and then topped with the strawberry sauce.  This time I did snap pictures.

It was delicious!  I am loving making these small changes that make our meals seem brand new.  Granted I have only done it with breakfast type meals but I figure I would start there since they are generally easy meals and I try to have breakfast for dinner once a week.

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