Friday, April 1, 2011


We have been itching to take a camping trip with little man.  He's almost 4 and finally at an age where he would enjoy it and actually remember going.  We went when he was about a year old and he definitely does not remember that.  Once we decided the approximate dates we started to think about locations.  We recently purchased a membership to the zoo which allots for free or discounted admission to several aquariums and museums nationwide.  We debated about going camping near the zoo and then making a day trip there but the weather was still a little cold.  We finally decided on a camp ground in Wilmington which put us about 20 minutes from the aquarium and 20 minutes from the battleship.  We went tent camping and used mostly supplies and food that we already had on hand.  For this trip the only things we actually had to purchase were gas to get there, the fee for the campsite, wood (bought on clearance), a few snacks (bought on sale) and entrance to the battleship (little man is free since he's under 5).

We planned ahead and knew what our meals would be while we were there.  I made muffins, bread and granola to have on hand for breakfast and lunches.  Our menu went like this.

First night: Cheeseburgers, roasted potato's and apple slices with s'mores for dessert
Breakfast 1st day: Coffee, scrambled eggs, toast, bacon
Lunch: Sandwich's and pretzels
Dinner: Chicken breasts, roasted potato's and macaroni and cheese with s'mores for dessert
Breakfast: Yogurt, granola, bananas

Why is it that food cooked over a fire tastes so much better?  We had the potato's twice because they were so good.  I simply cut red potato's and put them in foil with butter, salt and pepper and they were AMAZING.  We were able to cook some of these things because the hubby has a camping burner that we used and the rest was cooked over the fire.  YUM.

Next time I think that I will plan a little bit better.  Before we go again I want all of our meals planned out completely and bagged together so that every time we start cooking I can pull out a large Ziploc bag and find the whole meal inside.  For example, if I had done that this time there would have been a large bag with the hamburger meat, sliced cheese, bread/buns, potato's (possibly cut and in water to keep from browning and the seasonings needed for the meal.  When we went to prepare dinner I could have simply pulled out that bag, drained the potato's and added them to foil with butter and seasoning and cooked the burgers.  Instead of doing this though we were digging through the cooler for things each time we cooked or got a snack.  You live, you learn.  I think I did well considering this is only my 3rd camping trip ever.  

The first full day there after breakfast we got cleaned up and went to the aquarium.  We gained free entrance with our zoo membership card.  I called ahead and made sure it was free.  We actually walked through twice.  It was really crowded with field trips and little man did not linger at all.  Here are some of our favorites.

I personally LOVED the adorable little turtles.

We searched until we found "Nemo".  Little man was very excited about this.

The following day after packing up our campsite we went to the battleship.  Little man liked it so much.  We got there about 30 minutes after they opened and it was not crowded at all.  He loved standing on deck and climbing up to see the guns.  He was not a fan of being below deck though.  We paid approximately $24 for the three of us and were there for about 2.5 hours.  Here are a few of our favorites from that trip.

Little man loved the plane.

Little man and daddy with the ship in the background. 

Of course there was also the camp site.  It worked out really well for us because the tent camping sites were directly beside the playground.

Yes, that is our car and camp site in the background....we were that close to the playground.

Also directly beside us was the camp site store, bathrooms and pool (way too cold for that). 

Overall it was an awesome trip.  We are already talking about planning another once the weather warms up a little.  We are hoping that next time when we go to the beach we will be wearing a lot less clothing than this.  LOL


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