Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homemade Chips

Little man had no interest in food this morning.  I was beginning to get a little concerned when he went potty and obviously had an upset tummy.  Then I happily saw him munching on an individual bag of chips.  Yay! No upset tummy, just an off morning. 

Unfortunately,. that was enough to make me really want some chips.  Chips that we don't have.  I wanted them badly enough that I made potato chips.  I've never made them before but c'mon it's potato's, oil and salt.  How hard could it be?  To answer that, not very hard at all. 

I used two medium baking potato's.  I washed them and then used our grater to thinly slice them.  I heated some oil in a pot and once it was nice and hot I grabbed a small handful of potato slices and patted them as dry as I could with a paper towel.  I let them cook until they began to brown.  Right after removing them from the heat I placed them on paper towels to drain and sprinkled with salt, tossed them a bit and sprinkled with a little more salt.  I did have a few that weren't crunchy but more like very thin french fries.  Overall they were delicious and hit the spot.  Little man approved too.

It's funny that I will pay $2-3 for a bag of chips and I could make the same amount of chips for about $1 and they are probably healthier.  Will I stop buying store bought chips? No.  Will I make homemade chips as a treat when little man and I have a craving and don't have any?  Of course.