Friday, April 1, 2011

Menu 4/1-4/15

Here's my April menu so far.  There are lots of repeats since several items were not made.  We also have a trip to the zoo planned mid month which will require us to stay in a hotel, possibly 2 nights so we will be taking snacks and sandwich items with us.  During that time we will probably end up eating out or getting take out at least once.  Once I know what our hotel has I can better plan but we generally try to book rooms with a kitchenette and at hotels that offer breakfast because even if they are slightly more expensive that is one meal for the day taken care of and we can plan ahead to eat in the room but that's a whole separate post.

4/1- Grilled roast w/ salad and bread
4/2- Grilled portabello's with rice and spinach
4/3- Chicken Alfredo with broccoli and carrots
4/4- Stir fry with rice (will use any leftover meat and portabello's to use them up)
4/5- Waffles with fruit salad
4/6- Burritos with rice and salad (I'm adding rice so we can cut down on meat consumption)
4/7- Crock pot stew with homemade biscuits
4/8- Hot dogs with french fries and fruit
4/9- Leftovers
4/10- Pork chops with potato's and salad
4/11- Homemade lunchables (wheat crackers with cheese and lunch meat) and fruit
4/12- Lemon pepper fish with rice and mixed veggies
4/13- Sandwich wraps with chips and fruit
4/14- Zoo Trip
4/15- Zoo Trip

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