Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Mommy Kind of Saturday Night

As I sat on the couch with little man watching Wonder Pets I tried to remember how I spent Saturday nights before becoming a parent.  I vaguely remember going out with the hubby, vegging out on the couch, going out with friends and the occasional party at a friends house.  This Saturday night was spent something like this....

Made dinner while little man took an unexpected nap and had a chance to eat in peace.  Don't get me wrong I ADORE little man but lately I feel as if he has some spidey sense that tells him when mommy is about to eat that then triggers his bowels.  Yes, every time I sit down to eat I get a call from the bathroom asking me to come wipe his hiney.  I know, I know....gross but that is my life these days.

Waking little man  up from his unexpected nap so that he will go to sleep at a decent time.

Watching the second half of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, anwsering little man's questions pertaining to said movie and enjoying his giggles at the completely absurd parts of the movie.

Made little man dinner.

Watched Blue's Clues and Wonder Pets with little man and realizing how much he has learned and loving every time he shouts out an answer or participates.

Savoring the few minutes when little man asked if we could snuggle; it was a ploy to avoid bedtime for a few more minutes but I'm a sucker for good snuggles. 

Reading a bedtime story about firetrucks.

And it is 10:02 pm and little man is still awake.  He is using every stalling tactic he knows and fighting sleep. (he's too hot, he wants a tiny bit of water, he has to pee, he has question after question)   It will probably be about 30 more minutes before he is fully asleep.

That is my kind of Saturday night now.  Do I miss the way I used to spend my time?  Sometimes....but only for a split second because then I remember how much I miss little man when he's not here and how I don't know what to do with myself when he's not here.  Tonight is simply a Mommy Kind of Saturday Night...... 

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