Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Mommy Kind of Saturday

Little man and I started the day by making homemade biscuits for breakfast.  Not on the menu but they sounded really good, and they were.

Today included dyeing our Easter eggs.  We were a little later than normal getting to these this year.  We have an art set that allows little man to squeeze drops of paint into a spinning circle and the spinning spreads the color.  He LOVES that thing, but it's very messy so we only play with it occasionally and use a lot of newspaper and wet paper towels.  When I was at the store and spotted this egg decorating kit I knew it would be perfect since it was similar to the art spinner he loves.  

Little man and I also made cookies.  We made decorated sugar cookies using this recipe.  The main difference will be that the cookies are decorated with spring colored and themed sprinkles that I found in the Target $1 section a couple of weeks back.  (To be honest, most of my holiday themed sprinkles for cookies have come from the $1 section of Target.  I always walk through when we go because I have found some really great things there.)

As you can see, little man had no interest in helping me decorate the first batch of cookies.

He did however help with the next batch.

We also made chocolate chip cookies.  I'm making this recipe again because they were so delicious.  

Both cookies are going with us to my parents for Easter lunch tomorrow.  I can't wait.  Little man and I have sampled a couple, but just to make sure they tasted okay.....   


  1. Love your sugar cookies Amanda! They are so darling. The egg spinner looks really cool too. I bet your little guy love it. Happy Easter.

  2. Thanks! We had fun doing them and he did have fun with the egg spinner.