Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Garden is Growing!

I am so excited to say that all of our plants are beginning to grow.  Whether or not they actually produce vegetables is a whole different topic.  Right now I'm just ecstatic that they are growing. We started with just the spinach, watermelon and cucumber sprouting.  Then we had a couple of days with rain and when I got the chance to really get back out there and look everything was blooming.  The following pictures are a couple of days old but we have had nasty thunderstorms and tornado warnings, again, for the past 3 days.


Zucchini- theres a little bud there it's just hard to see.

Tomato- I know you can't see the teeny tiny bud on this one but I promise it was there, or a really green piece of dirt but I'm going to stick with a tomato plant is growing.

Spinach- Nope that's not grass, that's spinach growing.

Watermelon- Those would be watermelon buds coming up.

I hope that I will be able to get out and take some updated pictures of the garden today.  There is no rain forecast and the garden has been getting a nice dose of water the past few days.  I'm excited to see if there has been any progress.


  1. Very exciting Amanda! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. so exciting and fun! we have been able to start harvesting (florida) tomatoes, peppers, greens- the boys eat better because they grew them! :)