Friday, April 8, 2011

Shrimp, Shrimp and more Shrimp!!

In our home we all LOVE shrimp.  We do not love the price though.  We don't normally buy it fresh, that's even more expensive.  I'm happy buying the frozen bags and pulling out what I need and thawing it.  We haven't had shrimp since January.  We ran out and never came across sales.  Like I've mentioned, I try not to buy meat unless it's a great price and then I buy as much as I can to last several months.  I would rather pay more now to get a better deal in the long run.  I now that it may not make sense to some but it works well for our family.

After checking the ads on Wednesday morning I discovered that Harris Teeter has 2lb bags of shrimp buy 2 get 3 free.  Yep, 5 bags of shrimp (10 lbs) for the price of 2 bags (4lbs).  We bought 5 bags.  We also purchased 5 bags for my parents, they paid us back though.  We also decided to get the meal deal offered this week while we were there.  It was 1 pack of Ball Park hot dogs, 1 bag of Lays chips, Lipton Green Tea, and White Wheat hot dog buns for $5.99.  We have been planning a couple of hot dog meals and based on normal prices this really is a great deal. 

So for a recap here's what we purchased:

10 bags of shrimp (2lbs ea)
Ball Park Hot dogs
Gallon of Lipton Green Tea
Lays Potato Chips
Starburst Candy (for little man)
White Wheat Hot dog Buns

Total= $121.75
Repayment= $60
Total we paid= $61.75

Coupons Tendered this order=$177.24!!

This will last us several months.  Little man is already asking when we are having shrimp.  He actually asked for it Wednesday when we got home.  I need to work a shrimp meal in soon.


  1. We love Shrimp too! I'm like you Amanda, and try to buy meat that is on sale. Have a great weekend!

  2. awesome deal! we don't have a harris teeter, but my publix has been known to take their coupons! i'm a big coupon queen! new follower- kelli b

  3. Rach- Have a great weekend too!

    Kelli- Yay! I love new followers. We don't have a publix here. I do love Harris Teeter but only go when theres a great sale or super double or triple coupons. Otherwise I'm usually at Aldi.