Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wal Mart 4/5/11

Instead of my normal trip to Aldi I went to Wal Mart because I had to buy bread flour and yeast, neither or which is sold at Aldi.  There were also a couple of other non food things that we were in need of like new sheets (yeah sometimes things are on clearance for a reason, we will never buy clearance sheets again) and an oven thermometer.  I am about 90% positive that our oven is about 25 degrees off.  Not good.  For this week it made more sense to just go to Wal Mart to get it all rather than go to multiple places.  I'm all about the multi-tasking when possible.  The extra items were purchased separately since they weren't something that I would have purchased on a grocery trip and I wanted to be able to still use cash for the food to see if I was keeping within my budget.

Total Spent $38.83.  It could have been less but as you see there were a few extra's in there.  As of today's trip I have about $5 extra in a our grocery money.  One of the things I do miss when shopping at Aldi is that other stores have discounted sections.  I found some discounted chicken breasts and bread.  There was acutally quite a bit of discounted meat but I only got one pack of chicken simply because that's all we needed.  Actually I have a couple of whole chickens in our deep freezer but to be honest I don't know how to cut up a whole chicken.  I should really learn since they are so much less expensive.   

Oh and I did check the oven.

Its hard to see but the bottom picture reads almost 450 degrees.


  1. as for cutting up the whole chicken- there are videos on foodnetwork.com or YouTube.....

  2. I'll have to try that, I honestly had not given much thought to trying to watch videos online. I know I wouldn't be able to follow just pictures alone.