Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Menu 4/11-4/17

I'm keeping things simple this week since we are going to the zoo.

Breakfast-Scrambled eggs, toast and banana
Lunch- Chicken nuggets, fries and carrots
Dinner- Homemade lunchable (wheat crackers, cheese, sliced turkey), apple slices

Breakfast- Pear Gingerbread muffins with yogurt
Lunch- Sandwich/Leftovers
Dinner- Corn dog muffins, green beans

Breakfast- Granola with yogurt and fruit
Lunch- Macaroni and cheese with salad
Dinner- Sandwich wraps with fruit

Breakfast- Cereal with fruit
Lunch- Soy butter and jelly sandwich's/pizza
Dinner- Out

Breakfast- @ hotel
Lunch- @ Zoo
Dinner- Out/ possibly sandwich's in our room

Breakfast- @ hotel
Lunch- On the road
Dinner- Sandwich's with chips and fruit

Breakfast- Blueberry pancakes with bacon
Lunch- Grilled cheese with carrots
Dinner- Ribs, baked potato's and steamed veggies

As you can see there are some repeats.  I forget that we usually have dinner with my parents on Sunday and as I mentioned before there are several meals that were skipped.

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