Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekly Menu's

Now that I've gotten through most of this week I realize that I need to plan less for lunch and breakfast than I did.  I took into account leftovers but didn't think about the times when we would be out and about or something else would come up. 

So far this week there have been a couple of meals skipped.  When we got home from the grocery store little man begged to have hot dogs for lunch that day, so we did.  Yesterday we spent the morning with my dad and had lunch while we were out.  Then today Michael didn't want eggs for breakfast, he begged for waffles.  So I guess I need to plan a little less.  

On a positive note, like when I plan our dinners, I find having all of the meals planned to be helpful.  It makes me really look at what I am cooking and makes it easier for me to make use of leftovers because I am putting them on the plan.  I've discovered with little man that not having to think about what I'm making at each meal and being able to just glance at the schedule to know what needs to be pulled out for dinner or premade for breakfast makes life easier and my morning a little easier, especially before I've had my coffee.  

With next weeks menu it will look a little different and there will probably be some repeats since there were several breakfasts/lunches that we did not get to.  I'm hoping to post that tonight or tomorrow.  I started working on it earlier this week but it will need to be tweaked.   

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