Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mommy Kind of Saturday

Today has been pretty uneventful.  I'm still fighting fatigue.  I actually just fell asleep on the bed watching Friends reruns while little man played.  Obviously that lasted all of 10 minutes before he was crawling on me and asking me questions and bringing me toys.  He did sweetly cover me up and snuggle for a minute.

So far today we have made a trip to the farmers market (more on that later), little man was disappointed they didn't have bananas...the kid loves a banana.  We also ventured to the grocery store and watched Walle. 

Tonight we made a picture for daddy.

Then it was time for dinner, bath and bedtime.  Bath time has become an issue, but only when I have to wash his hair.  Tonight was the worst.  He screamed/sobbed, hit me and tried to get out of the tub (he's not a violent kid the hitting and pushing happened as he was trying to get out of the tub).  This is the third time this has happened.  If I give him a bath and avoid washing his hair then he's his normal happy self.  He says that it hurts when the water gets in his ear.  I wanted to put cotton balls in his ear and hold them in with bandaids but he wasn't having it, so we had to do it the hard way.  It ended in sobs and lots of wet cuddles, lets just say I was soaked by the time I got him in his pajamas.  That was the "excitement" for the night.  Not the kind I like though.  So I guess a call to the doctor is in order Monday.  The hubby and I suspect that his tubes have come out or are in the process of coming out.  I'm not sure how that effects kids but something has drastically changed his bath time behavior.  So we will see what happens.  I guess I will be a nice mommy and not wash his hair until then.

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  1. Sad Hopefully they can figure that out. What I do for Kaila (though she doesn't have tubes but HATES water in her ears) I had her the shower head/cup of water to pour over her own head. I will have a cup of water in my hand that I pour at the same time she does to get the areas she's missing BUT she doesn't know that. ;-)