Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Mommy's Purse

I've been on the lookout for a new purse for a while.  I don't go for the super expensive nice purses.  Why?  Well, they are beautiful and would probably last a lot longer but I have a kid that is messy and likes to put things in my purse.  Messy things.  Today while running some errands at Wal Mart I found a new purse, on clearance!  Oh did I not mention that I only buy them on clearance?  That's why it takes me a while to find one I like.  Honestly, I try not to spend more than $20 on a purse, preferably less.  I found this one on clearance for $11.

After getting home I decided to switch everything over to my new purse and this is what I found.

Section 1:


Chucke Cheese coins on the left, top pile on the right is foreign money and bottom change.

Random items; cough drops, gum. old mail.  The top items are actually all little mans.  Tattoo's, crayons, mini coloring book and candy.

Section 2:

Wallets (I have two, one is specifically for grocery shopping and that's where I keep my grocery cash), pens, checkbook, ear phones for my OLD phone and Ibuprofen

Section 3:

A toy, samples of sunscreen for those oops I forgot to sunscreen little man and we have been outside for a while days, nail kit, little man's epi pen, more cough drops, ear phones for my current phone and more Tylenol/Ibuprofen.
More trash

My shoulder is thanking me.  My new purse is much cleaner and lighter.  It's amazing the things you find in your purse when you are a mommy.


  1. Love the new purse and the fact that it was only $11! :-)

  2. ps I don't know what it is about the larger the purse I have the more crap I throw in there. I'm not even a Mom yet and I could stock the shelves of wal-mart with all the mess I find in my purse! lol

  3. I have amazed people on more than one occasion with what I pull out of my purse!
    love it - it's really a cute bag- I'm a coupon woman myself!
    (and I use them on sales!!!)

    you probably need the ibuprofen from carrying all that stuff around!

    do you have to have a perscription for an epi pen? I've thought it was a good idea but we don't have any major allergies that I am aware of.

  4. Kelli- We have a prescritption for the epi pen. Little man has a severe peanut allergy so it's a must have at all times. We actually have 4. One in my purse, one in the house and one at each set of grandparents.